WTS Unded Minis, EL Tonics, few random other things...

  • Hey Everyone!

    Old player here recently returned; looking to sell some built-up birthday presents and some other #swag that's taking up space in my bank.

    Prices are based on 10-15 minutes of lazy forum research and some four-year-old knowledge of what used to be good, and are fully negotiable. Haggling and bulk discounts are a thing too. I prefer plat over other tradables but all offers welcome.


    Brrne's Recurve Bow - 1k

    Shrouded Oni Daggers - 1k

    Conviction - 5k

    Grim Cesta - 25k (2 available)

    EL Tonics:

    Searing - 50k

    Jora - 10k

    Anton - 5k

    Unded Purple Minis:

    Oola - 1k

    Nian - 1k

    Ooze - 1k

    Burning Titan - 1k (2 available)

    Ventari - 1k (2 available)

    Kirin - 1k (2 available)

    Charr Shaman - 1k (2 available)

    Palawa Joko - 2k (3 available)

    Nornbear - 2k

    Jora - 2k

    Unded Gold Minis:

    Prince Rurik - 10k

    King Adelbern - 5k (2 available)

    Water Djinn - 10k

    Black Beast of AAAAaaaaaarrrrrggghh - 10k (2 available)

    Dagnar Stonepate - 5k (2 available)

    White Rabbit - 10k (2 available)

    Also... random Dervish Regular Skill Tome, free to a good home.

    IGN: Chazzmanian Devil

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