Close - q0 and low req items, couple OS items

  • Hello,

    After recently starting to play again, I realized there is a demand on low/no req items. I am not sure what items though and what prices would be and was hoping I could get some help here.




    3. gw001.jpg

    4. gw002.jpg

    5. gw003.jpg

    6. gw004.jpg

    7. gw003.jpg

    8. gw002.jpg

    9. gw001.jpg

    10. gw007.jpg

    11. gw008.jpg


    12 .


    13. gw001.jpg

    14. gw001.jpg

    15. gw002.jpg


    16. gw009.jpg


    17. gw005.jpg

    18. gw001.jpg




    OS items:

    21. gw011.jpg


    23. gw010.jpg

    Last one, I realize this is a q3 and not even max damage, but I have no clue how the scythe market even looks right now.

    24. gw006.jpg

  • Q0 max spears that are insc (8-12 is max for no req) i've sold for ~15e but ectos have gone up by 2x since then so maybe 7e or so.

    Q0 shields are often a weird thing and more for collectors than actual usefulness. I'm biased on them, but, don't need any of these so I'll just say common skins anywhere from 5-15e, purps drop from istani chests, blues only foes, that sun and moon is honestly the rarest one of the bunch imo and might go a little bit higher. Honestly, any PC on them is a guess because its all down to if someone(s) *needs* that one.

    Q0 max or near max scythes sell, 8-16(1off max) or 8-17, if its below that and has a req its merch food

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  • Q0 used to be 15, as long as they but a bit usefull in pvp.

    Pretty worthless since the introduction of the spear with str req.

    But who knows, maybe there is still a market...

    I’d take any offers tbh


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