Farming Ministerial Commendation as Ele?

  • Hey guys.

    I am super into OS farms right now and i wanted to start farming A chance encounter in the winds of change questchain.

    Here is the thing.
    My Ele is the only character with all heroes and is able to kill the first wave on HM, but i am not able to find a build that would work as ele.

    Would the dervish one work since it only requires dervish skills? Or the Warrior hundred blades spike if i can find a ele selfheal?

  • Depending on how much you want to be effective on this farm (and how much time you're okay to spend in here), you should consider doing nf with your derv, as it's way more reliable than any other way. If you really want to stuck to your ele, I guess you should go with the warrior option cause playing "derv" without mysticism is aids

  • I really dont want to redo everything on my dervish. The winds of change stuff took forever and my derv doesnt have any NF heroes :(

    Guess i am going to try the warrior option and see if i can somehow survive the waves.

  • Okay update.


    Is what i am using right now.

    With full buffs over 1k life that is more than enough until i can spike.

    So i need to spend 1 alc point per run. Worth it for me