WTB Prenerf Items, 20/20 Staves, Mixed Dye, OS Weps

  • Hi! Looking for these items as I can, let me know if you have these or something close to it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far! IGN - Ivory Rinali

    *Mixed Dyes - Minimum 15a/ea*

    *Dye Remover*

    *Prenerf Staves*

    *OS Restoration Req Staves/Wands/Focus Items*

    *Customized Minipets*

    *Tradeable BMP Weapons*

    ****LOOKING FOR PRENERF STAVES Q9 WITH 9/9 HCT/HSR MODS**** *Also buying Q8 and 7-10%*



    Q8 Tyrian Cleaver - Insc or OS +5e

    Q8 Celestial Axe +5e - Paying extremely well for this.

    Serpent Axe (Tyrian, OS)


    Q9 Oni Blade 15^-1 health regen, 15^enc

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade Clean

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 15^-1e

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 15 -5e

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 15 -10a

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 20v50%

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 20^hexed

    Q8 Golden Phoenix Blade 15 vs hexed

    Q8 Fellblade +5e

    Q8 FDS +5e

    HoD Sword

    OS Crysta +5e

    Unconditional Dmg Swords


    Q9 Insectoid Scythe

    No Req Scythes 8-16dmg

    Mausoleum Scythes


    Mausoleum Spears


    Q8 +5e & 15^50 Celestial Daggers

    Q8 +5e Dragon Kamas


    Q8 Stormbows 13-15^50/Stance/Enchant

    Q8 Bramble Longbow or Flatbow (paying very well for these)


    Any Q Blue/Purple Darkwing Defender or Enameled Shield

    Diamond Aegis OS +30 -2^enc/st or +45^enc/st -2^enc/st (Any Req)

    Iridescent Aegis OS +30 -2^enc/st or +45^enc/st -2^enc/st (Any Req)

    Q9 Tac Bladed/Echovald/Outcast/GotH/Gothic Defender/Kappa Shield +45^enc, -2^enc

    Q9 Str Eternal Shield +45^enc, -2^enc

    Q7/8/9 Istani Shield (blue/purple/gold)

    Q7/8/9 Copperleaf Shield (blue/purple/gold)

    Q9 Shields (depends per skin if interested) +30, +1 20% (Air/Fire/Water/Earth/Healing/Prot/Smite/Curses/Domination/Illusion)

    Tradeable Mursaat/Tengu/Undead/Charr Shield (Tac/Comm)

    Any AR8 Insc no req shields (blue/purp)


    OS 20/20 Staves (Any Q for Raven/Ghostly, Q9 for the rest)

    OS 20/10 Staves q9

    BDS Q9



    Q9 Wands (20/20, 20/10, +5^50/20, +15 -1/20, 10/10)

    Air Wand, Baneful Scepter, Cane (Illusion/Domination), Channeling Rod (Forked), Deadly Cesta, Holy Rod,

    Platinum Wand (10/10 Air/Earth/Water/Dom/Illu/Curses/Communing), Pronged Rod, Spiral Rod, Dragon’s Breath Wand, Golden Pillar, Zodiac Scepter (Earth/Fire/Water – HCT 10%, +5^E), Water Spirit Rod

    Platinum Wands Q9 9/9 Earth/Fire/Water

    Frog Scepter Q9


    Q9-13 Wands (20/20, 20/10, +5^50/20, +15 -1/20, 10/10) - Div-Heal/Prot, Smiting, Air/Earth/Fire/Water, Dom/Illu, Curses, Channeling, Spawn/Resto

    Jellyfish Wand

    Celestial Scepter

    Wayward Wand

    Koi Scepter

    Platinum Wand

    Zodiac Scepter


    Q9 – 20/20, 20/10, 10/10, +15 -1/10, +15 -1/20, +30 +1/20%, 20% +1/20%

    Accursed Icon (Gorgon), Flame Artifact (Core/Eye), Storm Artifact, Earth Scroll, Channeling Focus

    Q9-13 – 20/20, 20/10, 10/10, +15 -1/10, +15-1/20, +30 +1/20%, 20% +1/20%

    Paper Fan, Paper Lantern, Divine Scroll, Straw Effigy, Frost Artifact, Aureate Chalice, Gilded Artifact, Inscribed Chakram(metal), Wooden Chakram, Jeweled Chakram(metal), Jeweled Chalice, Writhing Focus


    Q8 Gold Butterfly Mirror (Paying very well for this)

    Q8 Gold Inscribed Chakram (Metal)

    Q8 Gold Water/Iridescent Prism


    Edielh's Focus

    Bizzr's Fury

    Makdeh's Focus

    The Windcatcher


    EL Transmogrifier


    Jade Wind Orbs

    Prenerf Runes

    Zaishen Medallions

    Broken Toy

    Tattered Girl’s Cape (Tradeable?)

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  • Hi Ivory,

    I just got another q0 blue insc ornate buckler dropped to me.
    If you would like to give it a new home pm me on here since I'm currently not in game much and I will try to hop on gw.

    I wish GW would drop me one I don't already have but I guess my loss is your gain ;)

    ꚛꚙꚛ Ouch My Assassin | Raise R Bladez ꚛꚙꚛ

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  • Got arms. Drop me a PM:)

    Also Celestial Scepter q10 Dom 10/+5^50

    IGN: S O F Sin Reject/Alrea Redemption

    "Herpa-derpa herpadee derp" James - 2009

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