Winter days contest 2020

  • Sooooo... Winter is coming ! (:gotgenericplaying:)

    Looking forward for the surprise announcements mods ! :)

    Joke appart, we are a few ppl that joined legacy this year, and the contest that took place in 16-17-18 (and not 19:cookie:) were looking cool.

    Mods i summon you ! Are you guys open to do a winter days contest 2020 ? Or no there won t be any ?:( did i spoil the surprise ? Hahaha. Am i the only the only one who would like to see this happening again ? :D

  • It's not been discussed far as I know... What would you like to see in the contest/event?

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  • From what i have seen, the past years it was a kind of photo/photo montage contest. We could do it again.

    It could also be a fashion show, like the one OSo is proposing for Halloween but on the theme of winter.

    It could be a snow ball battle too, but this seems harder to organise.

    It could be a fan art / meme contest why not it could be fun

    It could be a scavanger hunt (mods take screenshots around guildwars) we have to find out where it is and take a screenshot also

    It could be a /age or timer contest : the person finishing the snowman dungeon the fastest win :D

    This are few random ideas, i am sure if you ask everyone they will also have some, am sure you guys will also have some !! :D