Ascalon Arena! PLEASE READ!

  • Hello fellow GW players!

    As im sure most of you remember, back in the day how much fun Ascalon arena was to play when we had no idea what we were doing :p I am looking to create and bring back that nostalgia to the GW community! My guild and I are creating lvl 9 accs for ascalon arena and welcome any one who would like to join as well! We are limiting it to Ascalon city bought armor only but you may use max weapons transferred from main characters! At some point we will also be creating lvl 15s for Shiverpeak arena as well. I think it would be a great thing for the community as pvp has morphed into a perfect meta for most classes and i would like to encourage all of you to create your own builds! Our end goal is to have a specific time when we can log in and do some Ascalon arena just like RA is right now as well as build a network of players who are interested in something like this. If you have any questions feel free to message me or add me in game!

    user name: Shiverpeak Arena

    NEWEST EDIT: So what I have decided to do, for convenience and simplicity is to attempt to get people together FIRST for Sunspear arena! Build your lvl 7-10 characters!! ( Im starting mine at lvl 7) I am also getting a run to kaineng city to get max armor along with a max dmg scythe. If you are interested in something like this PLEASE! pm me, it will be very fun. I have quite a few on board but the more the marrier!!! Also I feel doing something like this will solve much of the pvp issues plagued with RA right now. IGN: Sunspear arena pvp


    It takes about 20k for full armor set and maybe another 50k for runes

    I had a friend farm sunspear points for me so it would not level me, although if you farmed them yourself you'd be around level 7. This took about 1 hr. Grab plant sunspear vanq outside of kamadan then run to sun spear hall and grab insect vanq.

    Ferry to docks is usually free and easy to get max armor right off the bat. Once you have achieved your ideal level for this(many are starting around lvl 7) then you are ready to go! This whole process took about an hr and a half to have a fully pvp-able sunspear arena character!

  • I remember playing in that arena, had a good enough win streak to level up a couple times which made winning even easier until team changed from people dropping out and some real novices taking their place leading to a loss.

    This leads me to the main issue with those lower level PVP areas - you still gain experience while doing them so once you level up in a match and then lose a match you can no longer enter with that character.

    People will also get run to Droks for max armor etc. so binning the character is expensive to then create another to level and get there.

    Nice idea but too many issues I feel

  • he said limited to AC armor.

  • shindara: give me an add! my name is shiverpeak arena in game :) would love to network about this!

    hidden power: I get what youre saying but that's why i think we should keep it to Ascalon armor or maybe Yak's bend armor because thats less than 3k just to keep it easy for folks, part of this shouldn't be grinding to get the best stuff just getting down and reliving one of the best times of gw pre-factions. yes you do gain experience but that's why we can always move on to shiver peak arena! I think that would also be fun or we could just bin character, rinse and repeat for literally under 10k and the 20min of time it takes to get to level 10. also keeps profs fresh so people can switch it up easy. I dont see any issues :)

  • I like this idea. I do miss popping into those arenas back in the day as I was leveling. I think this could be expanded to the Factions and Nightfall arenas as well, though of course that requires starting new characters in those campaigns, but they should be a lot quicker and easier to do than in Prophecies. It also gives the added bonus of being able to explore those arenas for cartographer. They're not necessary to complete the titles, but it would be nice for us completionists to get every little bit of fog lifted from the map.

  • The "when we had no idea what we were doing" part is key... now people would just bring adapted pvx builds...

  • Just the fact that you've thought about this at all deserves a kudos in its own right man! :)

    I hope something good and fun comes out of it. Let the good times roll!

  • Hey everybody who has commented thus far! Please read the new updated info on this! I hope to see this coming together in the next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I missed your comment Kryth^ I appreciate it :) you should join us!