PC on q12 Frog Scepter and other goodies

  • Hi!

    I was given free items by a very kind person in Kamadan today and wanted to know how much all of this is worth.

    Having just returned to the game after 3-4 years, this very generous act took me by surprise and I have no clue who that person was and why they gave me all this stuff. Am I being paranoid if I'm scared these items are linked to RMT and don't want to use them and get banned?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello there,

    The froggy scepter is a nice, valuable skin, even though the requirement is not the best, I guess you can get around 15-20e for it

    Flames of balthazar are useful to get baltha points, and mostly sell as 3 for 1e

    The stack of zaishen summoning stone goes for around 10e

    100 glacial stone can be used to craft glacial gauntlet or are nice to salvage into glittering dust (players seek these to craft their conset)

    Still a nice gesture from that anonymous donor :)

    IG : Bounty Hunter Zoro

    coming from the new world

  • Wow, thank you so much for this valuable information! I'll see what I end up doing with the scepter (using it vs selling). I just thought it was strange giving away so much stuff that it was obviously linked to some kind of item duping or something and I'd get "Dhuumed" you know :D Maybe I'm being paranoid!