NM Magma Chest Run Data From 54,738 Chests (Hell's Precipice)

  • Magmas were requested in the Outcast thread so here's the data for the people that are interested.

    Only did half the breakdown, really was only interested in shield numbers. Link to the sheet if you'd like to finish it for yourself. ->File Make Copy of.

    Chest Location Is also logged on the sheet so you can sort by chest location if you're interested to find which chest drops more magmas or which skins only drop from certain chest spawns. Here is how they're labeled. There is some bleed over from spawn 20 into 18 as they overlap some. Let us know what you find.


    I do have most of the Shield's mods logged to do a % chance on dual mod. I May edit in the future when I go through it.

    May do HM to see if tomes being added to the loot table makes shield % even lower

  • Ether obviously this data is being pulled from botting, however I was wondering if you were planning to do all zones? This is the kind of data that would allow us some day to restart the guild wars lan project when the servers go down.