Closed. OS Purple Crysta, Krytan, Dwarven

  • Hey Folks,

    At my return after ~8-9years I remember, as it was yesterday, that I started Kilroy runs before my 'break'.

    I kept the best drops for myself and now I'am interested in PCs on the following purples (maxdmg of course):

    - dwarven axe q10 clean (no insc; no dmg-modifier)

    - krytan axe q9 14/stance

    - crysta sword q9 13^50

    I hesitate costumizing the crysta, knowing it is 1 off and dunno what would happen if I find a 'perfect' one.

    so what should I plan to pay for a replacement

    - crysta q9 14^50?

    Thanks for your help!

    greetings Krigga

    Sell Mausoleum Triple Mod Wand, OS Skeleton Shield +30/+10vs. Undead (and other stuff)


  • q9 14over just sold here last week at 550e. I have a friend who got one for 300e (I think that's what he said he paid) late last year maybe.

    There was a period I was picking up sorrows furnace purple non "perfects" for 10-25e pretty easy. I've kinda settled on just wanting perfect ones now due to storage issues.

    That said, I'd price your q10 Dwarven at 10-25e. The q9 crysta maybe 100ish. And can't say much about krytan as that's one I want for my collection.

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