General PVE Ritualist build

  • I recently had to rework by Ritualist build. I'm bad at making builds and this was a build that someone made for me (because I'm bad at making builds) many years ago and cumulative changes in the game have made the build not as good as before. Too bad the dude that made that build went off to GW2. :(

    Anyway, here's something I've worked out on my own, for general PVE usage.

    Thanks to using Vampirism instead of the spirit skill that used Communing, I was able to do a 12-12, meaning everything was put into Spawning Power and Channeling Magic. Depending on the Secondary, the 8th slot can be used for a pet or a resurrect instead of the Ebon Vanguard skill.

    So far it seems to work OK, although I think I'd like a self heal, possibly in place of Splinter Weapon.

    Can anyone recommend improvements or point out non-obvious problems with the build?

    Thank you.

  • I run:

    Boon of Creation- heal and energy management

    Vampirism, Bloodsong, SoS as spirits

    Painful Bond for more damage

    Ebon Ass. Support as extra summon and usually bait. Not to mention the ass support comes in handy when sitting at the computer for extended periods of time.

    Summon Spirits

    Usually run secondary as Sin just to use Dash to speed things up. Speed boost also really helps getting out of bad situations when soloing.

    Hope that helps some. And you can't fool us - I'm pretty sure you're actually Steve!

  • Interesting. Much to think about. I've been asking in-game and am seeing a commonality of results: people are using very similar builds.

    I've changed my build and have been testing it. Wow: boon of creation plus Signet of Spirits is like huge free energy recharge: the energy gain is *per spirit*! Suddenly that fifteen point hex attack skill is more usable!

    Thank you.