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    Is there an area in the game that corresponds to the place displayed in the character selection screen? Seems to me they'd not want to waste an area, so I'd guess it must be in-game, probably with a different sky and lighting to make it look different, with the high part there the character stands being an inaccessible area during regular game play.

    Thank you.

    It's working as intended. Perhaps the description isn't clear - the effect occurs adjacent to where you were when you cast it. It's a point blank AoE, like Lava Font, not a ranged one like Fire Storm. You don't cast it at an enemy, you cast it wherever you are at the time.

    Ohhhhhhh, I see. It's centered around my character, not the selected enemy. I'm a dope. Thank you.

    Is it just me or does Symbol of Wrath (monk smiting skill) do absolutely nothing?

    From the wiki:


    Spell. For 5 seconds, foes adjacent to the location in which the spell was cast take 8...27...32 holy damage each second.

    I cast and nothing ever seems to happen. Today I set up a situation to test it: to enemies right next to each other. I cast on enemy 1, then tabbed to enemy 2 to watch its health bar. its health did not go down at all.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thank you.

    I've got a ranger, in pre, who is level 20. Things were going well until reaching level 20. Once the Fire Imp was no longer around, I realized how lame my ranger was. This was unexpected, since my Nightfall ranger does well. I can't even fight the first group of Charr in The Northlands without getting killed. I've got a pet, level 19, but it dies too.

    I tried to use a vanguard quest to level the pet to 20. Got killed at the first group of the quest-specific higher-level mobs.

    Is it possible for a pre ranger to not be so lame? Her secondary is Elementalist.

    Thank you.

    p.s. I miss the 'ol Fire Imp :(

    Oh, you mean get the skills without finalizing the actual secondary profession? I don't like to do that because you don't get all the skills and you can't put attribute points into the secondary skills, which tends to make the skills weaker.

    Oof, this got complicated.

    I asked in Ascalon. One person said Elementalist or Warrior. So that's two votes for ele. He added that ele has Glyph Of Lesser Energy, which apparently can help a monk despite not having Energy Storage, and Firestorm. To hear Warrior as an option was unexpected. I was told something about axe and an area of effect skill. Much to think about.

    How very strange. I've got Comcast, so not some mom & pop ISP. I guess there's nothing I can do about it. *shrug*.

    Thank you very much for manually activating this account. :)

    Hello everyone;

    I just started a permanent pre searing monk. What is the best secondary profession for a monk ho wants to eventually do solo charr runs? Thanks in advance.

    p.s. It is good that I am able to post without activating the email, since the forums fail to send the confirmation code email. So long as I can read and post I can learn to ignore the ever-present "Your email address is not activated yet. Confirm your email address." text.