Price Check Dual Vamps

  • Hey guys. Had someone interested in a dual vamp. Was curious if any of them are of value. Would love to see some input from you price checking aficionados.


    Template so you don't have to type it all out:

    Hand Axe:

    Serpent Axe:

    Sunqua Blade:

    FDS (Fake dual vamp):

    Crenallated Sword:

    Jade Axe:

    Shadow Bow:



    Chaos Axe Set:

  • For all who got a hard on - that serpent is canthan skin judging by the dyed icon ;)

    Obviously l'm biased but not gonna lie:

    - bows are least popular dv's, nicer skins go for 50e from my experience, shadow might be bit more perhaps

    - sunqua is spicy af. it's skin that drops like candy but it's always shitty mods (l farm mine in HM, but to paint you a picture - me and friend got some 200+ sunquas over few months, 1 q9 +5e, 1 q9 15 50, 1 q10 dz). can't give an estimate on that one tho :(

    Rest l'm not really familiar since l stopped buying non-hammers some time ago.

  • Q9 longbow 30 to 50e

    Q9 shadow bow 100e+ (think I had to pay 200ish in bid war)

    Q9 fds 5a or more (one here now with 3a bid- think I paid 10a for mine)

    Non max and non q9 I wouldn't expect more than 10 to 25e per depending on skin

    Real winner here is q9 chaos- at least 10a ( think I paid 10a for mine and had lost several in the past that went higher)

    The drop off for q10 thru q13 chaos is massive. Not gonna put a number because I'd probably buy those for shit and giggles if I could get them all at once. But even all 4 of those together wouldn't come close to the q9.

    Anyway, my 2cents.