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    Research and discussion of items and how they drop is a large part of legacy so we have created a new place for it all to be kept. Everybody is welcome to start a thread either with their own content or start a discussion about a topic for people to give contributions.

    There is 3 sections to separate different topics, more can be added later if required. If you are not sure where something should go put under "Research".

    Many existing threads have been moved here.

    There is a new Question & Answer section where enquires can be made about items and answered question will be archived for future reference.

    All suggestions / feedback are welcome :)

  • hello there,

    I like the new sections - and the stickying of some conclusion threads - makes it better referenceable and visible. I do have another thread that I'd see fit in the new categories: This one.

    And totally different subject - who are you? :P joined in march, first post yesterday and already that deep in the forum structurizing - and I don't know you :O No offense at all (rereading my last paragraph I felt one could read it this way) - just curiosity :)



    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

    IGN1 Red Fireball Rusher

    IGN2 Silberner Magier

  • Thanks for creating these new subforums. As I said in the other thread I hadn't noticed them until today somehow.

    I am going to read what's in carefully because I see that there is more info than I thought, and there are things that I don't know if they can be written on the wiki in the form of an article since the format tags are not the same here as there.

    Edit: well, fuck, I think I'm gonna die if I have to create an article for everything there, there are a lot more things than I imagined > . <

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