PC assorted OS stuff, HoD Sword and a few other prenerfs, misc inscribable things

  • Haven't played in a good decade, got the itch to play through the series for nostalgia and figured I'd empty things out beforehand. I can't see myself coming back in any capacity that would make keeping the things I have no real attachment to worthwhile, especially if someone else would actively appreciate them in place of my persistent neglect.

    I did some forum digging and observed trade chat so a few things I've figured out, but would really appreciate some input on the rest of this stuff. Quite a few things so big thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

  • Healing req grim cesta I've seen Oni of Demonslaying looking for at 15a.

    The prenerfs: q8 zodi wand, q8 grinning bow should be double digit arms range I believe.

    HOD must be the most valuable. Wait for more PC on that especially. Summoning some folks: Mr. Clean(-Value)  Red Fireball

    Other stuff is pretty common, but many might still fetch a few ectos, especially q9s with max inherents/duo mods, best to list for auction to see if there's more interest.

    Edit: shortened my response after I saw your title and that you are aware of what you have ^^

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  • W1 worth money 10a+

    W2 10e+

    W3-W7 merch

    W8 check tradechat - worth money

    W9 merch

    F1 5e - classic quest reward (req heal is prenerf and entirely different story Zes )

    F2 10e

    F3 20e+

    F4 20e+ tough sale but its q8 dualmod after all

    F5 2e

    F4 (the second) merch

    F5 (the second) merch

    F6+7 check tradechat - worth couple ecto

    ST1 merch-2e

    ST2 q9 worth some ecto

    ST3+5+6 15e

    ST4 quite a lot - I'd expect 10a+

    ST7+8+9+11 I'd merch but I might be wrong

    ST10 sadly q10, still 2a+

    ST12 merch

    B1 merch

    B2 15e+ but tough

    B3 5a+

    B4 merch

    B5+6+7+8 5e/ea

    B9 merch-2e

    B10 merch

    SH1 10-15e

    SH2 5-10e

    SH3 15e+ cute

    SH4-7 check tradechat, usually only q9s worth selling 5-15e on these skins

    A1+2 merch

    A3 10e

    A4 5e

    A5-7 check tradechat 5-15e

    SW1 a lot, good old HoD

    SW2 shame on 1 off 50e+

    SW3 15e

    SW4 5e

    SW5-9 check tradechat 5-15e

    SW10 15-25e

    H1-3 merch

    D1+blaze it check tradechat

    VS3+4+6+7+8+9 merch

    All other VS are around 5-15e

    All white trash is white trash ;)

    General advice:

    Such long price check thread will yield little - barely anyone takes the time to really reply to everything. Reduce to at max 10items of suggested higher value.

    insc items - check tradechat - if it is not present it is merch, if there are recent entries you have a hint.

    Q10+ os martials merch unless prenerf.

    Os q9 15^50 and one hand +5e martials always worth 10-15e, more on exotic skins. Dv+dz are rare - any other mods usually not worth selling.

    Prenerf os items are worth money and mostly an auction will give you a fair price.

    Oddball items like your ogre meme stuff or white trash - put for auction and hope for a collector to get them or directly contact them. A price check is not really applicable, it comes down to respecting rarity of skin and the loveability of the mods - just agree on a pice between 1337g and 15e that both sides are happy about.

    Most notable are W1, ST4, ST10, SW1, SW2. You could just put everything up for auction without b/o. Supply and demand will regulate the price. After a week or so you will be able to think about adding b/o or merching things. Don't rush to sell to a supposedly good offer via pm. Usually you rip yourself off.

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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    IGN2 Silberner Magier