Outpost Running, Missions, Vanquishes, HoM, lvl2/7 Obby Armor

  • Happy New Year everybody. :)

    Just another dude offering his ingame Services.

    1. Outpost Running for Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of The North
    2. Missions Service for both NM and HM for all campaigns
    3. Vanquishing - currently only for Factions, NF and EOTN because I skip Proph Vanq for GWAMM on my Chars.
    4. Dungeons - every Dungeon in the game
    5. Hall of Monuments Statues: At the moment only for Domain of Anguish
    6. MIsc: lvl2/7 obby armor, infusion runs, full campaign playthroughs (nf, eotn)
    7. open for individual request If I have time for it and the price is right. :)

    If you're interested feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a pm on Legacy or contact me ingame <Alicia Skywalker>

  • Wanted to drop by and say that gdyb has ran 6x level 7 FoW armor runs to completion for me!

    Very quick and professional service and a very friendly person!

    Trustworthy and will get the job done in a timely fashion.

    Thanks again for all the runs!

  • Would be interested in Eternal Grove, both NM and HM, at this time.

    IGN: Truly Dervish

    Mission was run in both NM and HM without issue. Contacted me in game when I was online and we knocked them out.

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  • I'm lazy af.

    Full EOTN Tour + complete EOTN , very quick service!

    Rush from: LA - Droknar - Grotto. Just perfect and quick.

    Love this service and i will do it again and again!!!

    Hands down, brillant Player!

    -> His kids will be able to go to college with my money xD.