Phoebe's Catacomb of Shields

  • Phoebe was the first character I made upon returning to Guild Wars in March 2020. She signals the beginning of my second love-affair with this game; the previous being from 2006-2013 (approx). She helped me rediscover all of the beautiful nuances to this game's design, and opened my eyes to so many aspects of the game I was blissfully unaware of back in the day.

    This collection has been a slow work-in-progress over the last year. It started off with one shield - the q8 Echo, sold to me by Mr. Clean(-Value). With intentions of my Phoebe becoming GWAMM #2 (err, that's another slow work-in-progress...), I needed a sturdy shield to accompany my Wayward Wand as I conquered Tyria. Something about a shield that was able to provide additional health against the vile creatures across the continent, whilst simultaneously buffing the strength of my minions just felt right. From that point on, I was hooked.

    As most collectors will attest to, the highlight of the experience are the connections made along the way. From ObsidiaN selling one of his prized Guardian of the Hunts, to Purely selling me the shield he used for his LSoGW Necro. So many chill people have hit me up with shields they've found in their travels, or taken 5 minutes to chat with me about my collection. It's been a blast, and long may it continue.

    Anyway, here's a selection of shields that I love dearly. More to follow in the future once I get my photo-editing chops up.


    Mark (IGN: Phoebe Bridgers)

  • Blind Was My Fury... Since you asked. :D

    The fact that both Waywards are 20/19 (but on different mods) and q13 non-matching attribute just makes them even weirder and more beautiful. The 19/19 Straw nearly blew me off my seat when I saw it. The perfect ugly companion to my ugly Wayward.

    The Paper Fan is just lovely to look at. Guess I have a thing about 19s.

  • Hey, cool collection!

    As a hoarder of shields, I knew I had one very similar to these!

    I'd be happy to give this to you to fit in your collection as I ID'd this many years ago and have had it on my account collecting dust :D

    Let me know if you want it!