Firefox + GW Legacy = slowness [resolved]

  • Hello, the site since recently, causes slowness, when scrolling from bottom to top and vice versa, during the navigation in topics. This had never happened before.

    I tested the site with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge. Only Firefox causes slowness. Whether i'm logged in or not, it doesn't change anything. Whether i use the mouse, the sidebar or the directions on the keyboard for scrolling, it makes no difference. No other tabs or windows are open except GW Legacy. No other website causes this.

    To see perhaps at the level of the coding of the site, with respect to Firefox (?) Or maybe i'm alone in this case (?) :/

  • I found it.

    Even though Firefox was installed for a long time and everything was correctly configured, there must have been something that changed during the August 3rd update (Firefox 103.0.1 (20220729222726).

    After clearing caches, cookies, permissions, exceptions, deactivating modules, adjusting some settings, privacy mode, etc, nothing changed.

    I simply run Firefox in administrator mode. No pop up window came to confirm, would you allow... and i didn't need to do it again.

    After re-enabling modules, etc, opened Firefox normally and everything is ok, scrolling is smooth.

  • Neutral_CH

    Changed the title of the thread from “Firefox + GW Legacy = slowness” to “Firefox + GW Legacy = slowness [resolved]”.