Mail bug?

  • So, i haven't gotten any email notifications in over a week, not sure why.

    Also, on an unrelated note, when i add attachments none of the insert buttons seem to work except "insert all"

    I use the dark theme if that might cause it, and chrome on android mostly for browsing.

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    I can't replicate your attachment issue. All the buttons work fine for me. I tried on both my usual white mantle theme and on the dervish one (I presume this is what you're referring to as the dark theme).

    I don't usually have email notifications on for anything, but I just tried it and nothing turned up after 10 mins. I'll poke Kevin.

  • Hi

    For my part i received in my mail notifications in block. 6 in one go, while they were all about 1 week old. There were also some impossibilities to interact with some buttons of the forum, for example: Edit Thread, next or previous page in a Thread. Refresh the page and it usually works afterwards


    Firefox 105.0.3

    W10 Pro 64bits version: 21H2

    Mail: gmail

  • Mail is working now... and I kinda figured out the image attachment bug.

    I tend to use chrome on android, but set to use desktop mode because a certain large social network's website won't let me see replies (it 404s lol) on my tablet unless i force desktop. Their apps also suck, so does their bloated chat client, but because of a couple ppl i'm forced to use it.

    It usually works out better on many websites because i use landscape view mostly.

    This site always worked fine either way, normal mobile or 'desktop site' checked, but apparently now for some reason the buttons work fine, until you set chrome to use desktop mode... which i use by habit 😆

    Not sure what makes it happen, it's android 12L based build because its a largescreen device and chrome 106.0.5..... whatever the newest one is.

    Really it's probably not worth looking into, but if you really want to try to replicate it i think i found the cause.

    (See below, I'm an idiot, on my tablet, without "desktop site" checked 😆)

    *it lets me post a full image fine... random catto

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