Kilroy's keyless chest run ?

  • Hi !

    I haven't been able to find a proper thread on the famous Kilroy chestrun. Can you tell me more about it ? What is the quest involved ? Is there a map of the 3 chests ? Is the run to be done in NM or HM ?

    Thank you for your help, and I hope I didn't miss a thread or a guide where all this would have been mentioned...

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Kilroy keyless chestrun ?” to “Kilroy's keyless chest run ?”.
  • Hello!

    I am sure there is some sort of video out there and someone including myself would be willing to demo a run.

    Here is a written description, may take you a few runs to get it down.

    To start, you run from Deldrimor War Camp to the entrance of Sorrow's Furnace, on your way you stop at Kilroy and talk to him to get him to follow you to SF. For this portion, you don't have to run with him or keep him alive, you can just run straight to SF. Upon enter SF, Kilroy will offer the following quest: Kilroy Stonekin (quest) - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

    This link will show you the path for the quest, there are 3 locations that Kilroy will stop at, the chest doesn't appear until the summit around that location are dead. You can see 2 of these locations on the map on the top where the dots go up. The 3rd chest is at the end of the path on the map.

    NM or HM doesn't effect the keyless chest from my understanding as a result, I personally use NM for a faster run.

    As far as logistics, Kilroy cannot die, but the most important thing is not to open a keyless chest when heroes are on the radar as the drops can be assigned to a hero therefor do not drop and you can get empty chests. Once the chest appears, pin you heroes out of view but on the way to the next chest, this will allow you to open the chest and get 1 or more item per chest.

    Once all chests are opened, you can end and start over at Deldrmor War Camp.

    As far as drops, all drops from the Keyless chest are purples, but you can get some fun drops such as some of the skins that no longer drop as Gold OS such as Crystalline, Dwarven Axe, Dwarven Hammer, Serpent (Tyrian) Axe and Krytan Axe. The first of the 3 chests do have a chance of dropping q8 max items (Current day max such as q8 6-27 axe, q8/16 shield, etc).

    I hope this helps get you started, I am sure others will reply with additional and alternative suggestions.

    Good Luck


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