Sven's shop // wts os items req 6's req 8's req 9's and much more (closed)

  • hello every one 8)

    plz leave in game name with offer OR NO DICE .(NO IN GAME NAME =NO BID) I MEAN IT !!!

    i reserve the right to sell at any time in game if i like the offer !!( if so i will cross it out and marked as sold )

    and when bidding plz follow start bid (s/b) , current offer (c/o) and buy out (b/o) when updated if not updated plz follow offers and bids bellow thank you

    happy bidding :) MY IN GAME NAME IS : Firestone Dragon

    wts items as follows:

    #1req 6/14ar taccelestial shield (gold)10vs lightning43hp^enchos104gvs/b:10ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #2req 6 /14ar taccelestial shield (gold)29hp-2^enchos152gvs/b:10ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #3req 6/ 14ar strcelestial shield (gold)10vs plants-2 ^stanceos100gv (wow perfect 100 :) )s/b:10ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #4req 7 /15ar strcelestial shield (gold)10vs demons43hp ^stanceos220gvs/b: 20ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #5req 8 /16ar tactribal shield (blue)insc not os57gvs/b:20ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #6req 8/16ar tacsea purse shield (blue)insc not os82gvs/b:10ac/o:b/o- not set yet
    #7req 8 / 16ar tacmilitia shield (blue)insc not os70gvs/b:5ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #8req 8 6-28 damageDragoncrest axe (gold)15%^ench os368 gvs/b:50ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #9req 9 11-22 damage /+10energyAmber staff (gold) (channeling)20% HSR (in white)20%HCT (in gold) (CHANNELING)(MATCHING) with mods(20%HCT CHANNEL MOD) AND (20%ENCH MOD)



    204 GVs/b:20ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #10q9 /16ar tacembossed aegis (gold)-2^stance10vs demonsos276 gvs/b:15ac/o:b/o: 25a

    next ten coming soon :)

    added next bunch too :)

    wts more

    #11q9 15-22damagevertebreaker (gold)+5energy os244gvs/b:3ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    #12q9 15-22 damagevertebreaker (gold)+5energy os224gvs/b:3ac/o:b/o:not set yet
    #13q10 15-22 damagevertebreaker (gold)+15% -1 health regen (vamp) os272gvs/b:3ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #14q9 7-17 damagezodiac daggers (gold)+5energy os208gvs/b:2ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #15q9 15-28 damageeternal bow (gold)15^50 os208 gvs/b:2ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #16q8 14-27 damagehalf moon (blue)insc not os57gvs/b:1ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #17q9 15-22 damagegothic sword (gold)+5energy os264gvs/b:1ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #18q11 divine 11-22 damage 10 energyzodiac staff (gold)20%hsr divine20%hct healos MIXED up268gvs/b:3ac/o:b/o not set yet
    #19q11 Dom 11-22 damagecane (gold)19% hct dom19%hsr dommatching os412 gvs/b:1ac/o:b/o not set yet

    q12 channel 11-22 damage


    dragon staff(gold)white 20%hsr

    20%hct channel

    mods : 20%hct channel and 20%enchant

    os316gvs/b:3ac/o:b/o not set yet

    happy bidding :)

    will add more soon :)


    Firestone Dragon

    thx for listening

    i guess ya cant read a s/b so i closed

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