Whats the point of most anniversary weapons?

  • Hi,

    I got kind of excited about the anniversary event and the special weapons we will be able to obtain.

    I used to have a lot of fun with short-bow Assassin build. And up until recently was pretty hyped about the Anniversary Shortbow "Whisper". It's using CS as its main attribute, and I'm all in for it.

    But then again. Whats the point.. If all damage, interrupt skills anyway scale of Marksmanship and I would likely pump my marksmanship attribute to 9 either way. Similar story for Leadership daggers. I mean cool to have those. But only reason to have daggers is to use dagger skills. And pretty much pump points in Dagger mastery.

    Then there is the Necro scythe, which I understand is behind one of the highest DPS builds. Or mesmer shield that I can see use for.

    But apart from few exceptions, are these only fluff weapons? Or am I missing the mark on Shortbow, Daggers and probably others.

  • the daggers could be useful when youre in melee range of enemies anyway to generate adrenaline faster.

    similarly the cs shortbow is probably useful for when youre not playing a specific bow build, just a weapon to switch to for some ranged dmg that you otherwise would not have imo.

    spawning bow is useful because the range is greater than staff and similar/same to spirit attack range, so you dont have to go as close up to enemies.

    edit: strength spear very similar to cs bow, very awesome imo. expertise sword again similar scenario. this kinda goes for all of the weapons, just giving you a dmg option you otherwise would not really have

    edit 2: the weapons are generally intended not for use with builds specifically made around them, they are just nice additions to other builds you would normally play. if in case of the scythe a big dps build came as a result of the weapon, thats more of a bonus than what the devs probably intended.

    ES axe is unique in having inherent icy damage on top of a possible weapon prefix. i got that one for my necro too, since it might come in handy for spinal shivers

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  • I like to play PvE with the Anniversary Bow in combination with Disrupting Accuracy.

    As an enchantmentremover I use Dark Apostasy (eliteskill) and Assassin's Remedy for conditionremover or some assa-enchantment to block / heal.

    Called Shot for guaranteed hit and/or triple shot for more damage and also guaranteed interrupt.

    There are no points spent in any ranger attribut as you can see (I removed the armor from my Avatar for you)

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