GW1 shutdown of servers?

  • Hello guys,
    I connected to the game this morning after a long break!
    There I discussed with an old friend and she told me that someguys of her guild told her that they had heard that the GW1 servers could be shutdowned soon !????
    Is it a true or a fake news?
    Thanks for response guys !

  • False.....from what we were told it takes very little to keep the gw servers up and in maintenance mode. There has been no announcement that any kind of shutdown is coming any time soon (from gw2 perspective it would make getting some of that stuff only available from the hall of monuments no longer obtainable and some unhappy players--so I think its in the best interest of anet to keep both going).

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  • Gw1 (gw) runs on the same servers as gw2. It takes up a tiny portion of their servers, and is in maintenance mode.. it would take a LOT more work to unpick GW from the servers than it costs to leave it running. I can’t provide the quote, but Anet has said that much.

    While gw2 lives, so will GW.

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  • They just got brand new servers to host GW1 in Europe.

    Highly unlikely a shutdown is coming.

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