Monk Player Builds

  • [build=OwEUAFnS5KSAA9F8E7gTNaFyDzD]

    Tired of healing? Have a trustworthy player use [[protective spirit] on you and grab a sword! Use a 15/7 tactic shield.


    • [["Save yourselves!" (Luxon)] to reduce armor dependant damage dealt to your team by more than 80%.
    • [[Judge's insight] against undead.
    • [[Smite Hex] or [[smite condition].
    • [[Asuran scan] if things keep you from hitting.
    • [["I am unstoppable!"] if things knock you down or cripple you.
    • [[Soldier's speed] to run away from the monks healers.
    • [["By Ural's Hammer!"] to rezz your whole team, as you'll obviously be the last survivor.

    Support for your melee player friend, such as the above mentioned scythe damage warrior. Use [[Ray of judgment] only when it really hits a lot of foes, you have better things to do with your energy.

    Full healer builds copying [[Unyielding Aura] from a team mate.

    Prot build. Use [[Mend Condition] as a healing skill when your backline partner falls asleep because you carry so much.


    • [[Holy veil] over [[Remove Hex] wherever there is [[Shame], [[Mark of Subversion], [[backfire] and similar stuff.
    • Replace [[Remove Hex] by [[shielding hands] or [[reversal of fortune] if there's no hexes.
    • Replace [[Guardian] by [[shielding hands] or [[reversal of fortune] if there's no physicals.
    • Replace [[spirit bond] by [[protective spirit] if foes are onehitting your team.

    First use your prots, then use your heals. Reducing damage is almost always the way to go. Use [[draw conditions] to keep your physicals working, they're worse than dead while blind, weak or crippled.


    • [[Mend condition] over [[draw conditions] when there's dazed.
    • [[seed of life] or [[vigorous spirit] or [[patient spirit] or [[dwayna's kiss] over [[signet of rejuvenation] or [[spirit bond].
    • [[shield guardian] over [[guardian] if there's no noteworthy physical damage to be expected.

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  • I can't check that build you've pasted Cataphract but I use to run a WoH Prot build in RA many years ago. Since my play time is limited now and I don't get long online I usually end up just running UA for PvE. Maybe I will give a WoH Prot build a go outside of PvP if I get time!


    Always blame the Monk.