Prophecies group forming

  • Trying to conjure up a small, close knit, group to start Prophecies again after a long absence from the game. The intention is to level up together through main line quests and missions and maybe try some end game content as it becomes available, so that we don't have to play the game solo.

    We are looking for mature, laid back, caring and forgiving individuals, able to withstand noobishness, incompetence or clumsiness, having a good laugh with it all. You know what I mean.

    13 to 20 UTC

    GMT +2 +3 +4

    If anyone interested here's the discord link

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  • Hi, I replied to a post about Factions on this topic too, and I don't want to take away from what you want to organise AT ALL. Just to say that there is an existing Discord server where exactly this kind of play-through is being organised across NA and EU, along with others from other timezones.

    You could jump on and offer to organise your own slot, there are already lists of people that are willing/waiting to play with others.

    It is a good place to get in contact with others looking to play through the game together, all levels of experience are OK.

    You'll find more info in the Discord: