Wooden Potatoes: Guild Wars 1 - Complete Skill Pin Collection

  • Yep, I might be to blame for this video.

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

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  • Great too see that a legendary GW YouTuber like WoodenPotatoes has put time into making this video and putting GuildWarsLegacy in the spotlight!

    And ofcourse all of Kevins dedicated work for GWL, the community, and amazing gesture for ArenaNet for their thoughts and labor of love for this game!

    Watched WP's entire GW solo playthrough, really humbled to see that GW1 still remains a big topic for him throughout and in between his GW2 video's for all of his viewers too enjoy!


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  • I will say it again, I really cant believe its been over 13 years since I started playing and I missed all those pins along the way (never made it to a convention either they were at the wrong time or I was not in the right place :-/)

    and just like other parts of guildwars...something that they left feeling unfinished.

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  • I had a severe craving to attempt to collect those pins recently. I think it would be a long shot to gather them all, maybe one day.
    Either way this video just reminded me of the strength and dedication the GW1 community has. I think we have Kevin and all the other founders/mods of Legacy to thank for this, so..... Thanks!


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