Challenge: Legendary Survivor of Guild Wars (LSoGW)

  • Purely's LSoGW Conclusion!


    So, of all places, I had gotten cocky and ran ahead of my heroes during the normal mode Raven's Point dungeon only to have an Ancient Vaettir pop up and 2 shot me before I could resign to avoid death. Unfortunately, I didn't stop to take the screenshot before the second death because I wanted to finish everything else on my list before posting this. I actually completed the last 3 max titles on the list (Leg. Master of the North, Leg. Delver, Zaishen) before the second death occurred. Part of the challenge was to obtain every Necro skill plus every PvE skill. The second death came as a result of a bug when switching pieces during a polymock match.

    Of special note:

    1. 35 max titles was the most I achieved at 0 deaths.
    2. 38 max titles (plus GWAMM would be 39 max titles) was the most achieved at 1 death.
    3. Legendary Master of the North is at maximum capable points (1031).
    4. DoA and FoW were the only 2 elite areas I bothered to complete as survivor.
    5. Every hero was obtained and leveled to 20.

    I really enjoyed this challenge, but it is time for me to put it to rest. I can't wait to use this Necro for other things that will likely get her killed!

    This takes a lot of time, consumables, patience, and planning, but I've left room for a successor to add improvement and I encourage anyone to try doing so.

    Thanks for reading/watching!


  • Legendary Master of the North is at maximum capable points (1031).

    ... is it?


    awesome work! Really would have wished you not to die to that incubus... they are suckers ;D - nonetheless: impressed!

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