Current Build for Heroes

  • Hi all,

    I have just decided to return to GW after 6 years to finish one of my bucket list items (30 titles with main) and try the elite areas that I have never been in (sad) and the Wind thingy content. I have played GW since day one always solo. First with henchmen then heroes. My main was a ranger, with whom I have achieved the the Vanquisher, skill hunter, cartographer, all EOTN race, Factions, Lightbringer, all food and drink titles and few others. I also finished all dungeons and missions except 3 dungeons and one Cantha and one Elona missions in HM. I remember using a SAP build for the majority of the time. cam once back few years ago and got The FoW with a random ritu spirit build (with ritu). In addition, I have finished the 4 campaigns with all other classes at least in NM. All have all pre GW2 heroes unlocked. I have tons of cons (except summonning stones) and almost all runes and upgrades somewhere.

    Now after this lengthy introduction (sorry for that), my question is what is the best current build for solo with heroes, where the main could be any class, since I want to do it with ranger. If any of them is impossible (maybe because it requires 12 person), then my question is are there still reliable services offered.

    The content I want to is:

    • Wind of Change: with all classes. Here I will experiment, I don't care about failing and trying something else.
    • Dungeons, Missions, elite areas. Here I would like to try them with a proved build until I get them
    • Dungeons, Slaver Exile, Kathandras, Shards of Orr in HM.
    • Missions: Dzagonur Bastion HM, The Eternal Grove HM (I might hire a service for these two. I have always hated them)
    • Elite: UW, The Deep, Urguz, DoA. I want to be able to go through them once in NM of possible.

    Finally, if you think that I might have a better chance doing them with an other class than ranger, please let me know. I can maybe do them myself with the other class and buy the services for the ranger (although I have only 230 ectos and 105 of them are reserved for the FoW armor :shy:).