Playing with henchies

  • I bought a new copy of the game when it went on sale for 20$ because I wanted to play through without having everything already. Is it possible to beat Proph and Factions just using henchies? I know it will up the difficulty significantly but I wanted to play the game as if it was single player and only use Heros in NF and EotN since they are part of the storyline. Anyone have experience with this?

  • When the game first came out that's all you really had were henchmen, granted outposts carried player populations then but it was all doable at the time in normal mode anyways with just henchmen.

  • Ye can be done and its not that hard, even at all masters, henchs are much better then heros at start without unlocked skills..

    When i did this only struggle was Eternal grove masters with hench team cus couldnt split to two sides but had to run across sides

  • Ok cool! I think ill start Proph in the morning and have some fun. When I do factions ill probably go rit and lux side to avoid eternal grove lol. That mission was the last one I had to do to Guardian