How to properly attack as a melee?

  • Hi guys,

    i wonder how you play as a melee in pve.

    I am currently smashing C + Space in order to attack the closest target.

    However, i wonder if this is the best method.

    Furthermore, is there some attack move command like in SC2 or WC3?

  • In a good player team usually a mid-line player like a necro would *call* a vital target in which case you would T + space; other than that you would C + space then use Tab until you cycle to a weak armor caster-type enemy then space again.

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  • Get sword, hit stuff.

    There’s probably more to it, but that’s how i’ve been doing it.

    Max, that is far too simple for this type of question.... You really should take more time to give a more detailed reply.

    There is also

    Get Hammer, bonk stuff,

    get daggers and sort of swing around and try not to take off your own ears while stabbing stuff,

    get scythe and (same as above, but try to keep your knees attached to the rest of you) slice stuff.

    Also don't forget to give the spear wielders an honourable mention;

    Get spear and chuck it away with all your might and be surprized that it reappears in your hand.

  • You’re quite right of course. As a dumb sword warrior, I’m guilty of oversimplifying a tad.

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  • It sort of depends for me.

    Do I feel confident I can survive for a few seconds or not until my Heroes catch up?

    If so; select target (Generally the Monk) and Sprint ahead as I activate "For great Justice" drawing argo as I bash with hammer.

    If I'm not so confident I toss out bait (AKA: Norgu) or draw the foes with my Wintergreen wand to a choke point or corner where I can hold them more or less in check.

    I'm a Hammer Warrior with one exception; in areas where I'm going to be afflicted with Blindness most of the time; I break out a somewhat amusing build with a Wintergreen Sword and have at it.

  • Get sword, hit stuff.

    There’s probably more to it, but that’s how i’ve been doing it.

    when I read the thread title on the start page I had to look at it for posts like this. I haven't been disappointed!

    Regarding the answering of the question:

    It depends on a lot:

    What is your role in the team? What is your build? What is your class? How much damage can you withstand? How much damage do you deal? How feebly are your opponents? Is it PvP or PvE? Do you play with henchies, players or solo?

    Depending on all the above you will be: Puller, tank, support, AoE, singletarget takeout, spike damage, etc...

    There's no general behaviour that always applies except - in the end you "Get [weapon], hit stuff"

    As puller (only in PvE) you cast your protection type skills and draw a specific group to a proper spot to koill them. As tank you'll cast your protection type skills, collect as many mobs as your party can handle, pull them to a proper spot and block esp the melee from your team with weaker armor than yourself. As support you stand alongside your midline and well - support (imbagon and the likes). For AoE you go to the densest populated spot and hit those AoE skills while also keeping yourself alive (often in easier areas you are AoE and tank). For singletarget takeout you select your target (usually a monk or a dmg-heavy caster - you'll have to conclude which one is yours with the team) and do everything in your power to prevent it from doing what it is supposed to do (usually with rupts, knockdown, blind, dazed or reduction of movement speed). As spiker you select the agreed on target and either wait for the call or call if you're the caller and the hit it with everything you have (usually initialized with a knockdown, cracked armour or other ways to weaken said target).

    As solo farmer usually it is either like the AoE/tank/support combination or the spike damage/tank combination.

    With henchies you are usually in the tank/singletarget takeout/spike damage region, where you really want to take out monks and damageheavy casters first, or if useful in the specific area rather puller/tank/AoE, where you ball as many mobs as possible and hit hard - best if the casters/monks can be balled.

    The melee is very versatile and can do many jobs - it depends on everything around you what suits best.

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