Odd OS Half Moon & Other OS Weapons

  • "Stumbled upon the Half Moon finishing Wisdom. What's with the 15% -1energy regen?"

    There is no inscription or mod that's the equivalent; Zealous Strength = very OS. A similar inherent mod could also be found with +15 -1 Health Regeneration = Vampiric Strength. As far as I know they always have a 14% to 15% damage bonus.

    I'm not well versed on prices but, it's not a common mod and as such may have some value to the right buyer.

  • I agree with Hairy Knight, around 10e but hard to sell, would need the right collector.

    Informational: this is considered “dual zealous” which is actually rather useless on a weapon, it’s more collectible, and not as wanted as “dual Vamp” weapons, as described by Bowie (+15 -1 Health Regeneration).

    With that being said even for dual vamp weapons, bows and hammers are not as wanted or collected as axes and swords. Dual vamp q9 axes and swords with nice skins can fetch a lot of money these days.

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