Need info concerning Prenerf Greens

  • Hello all,

    Now that I'm almost done with my green collection (damn JORMUNGAND THUNDER), I'm needing some help from everyone..

    I'm needing info on all the Prenerf Greens that are possibly out there.

    Thanks in advance

    Mr S L A V E

  • I'm aware of Ziinjuu's Sanctuary, Wroth's Holy Rod, Wayward Wands (various stats, I believe?).

    Kepkhet's Refuge also had it's color changed and stats rearranged, but I'm not sure if the originals retained their own version or if they were updated as well.

    I've seen old screenshots of Flint's Artifact having a green icon, as opposed to the blue one it has now, but again not sure if that was an icon update for all versions or only newer.

    Hassin's Shell used to have different stats but I'm pretty sure all of those were updated to the current version.

    I'm sure someone else can point out something I missed.