Sorrow's / Urgoz / FoW / UW / DoA for HoM [Close Please]

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    Hello all! I am trying to finally finish 50/50 for HoM, and the easiest way I have left now is to complete three of the following, so I am hoping to find runs through them:


    Fissure of Woe



    With everything going on, I can pretty much be online whenever (except between midnight-8am Eastern). I would be semi-AFK, but the game would be running on a second monitor so I can still be able to respond if needed. If you are willing to help me, please just leave your rate below and we can work out a time. Thanks!


    Edit 4/21/2020: Got runs through UW, FoW, and Urgoz thanks to Sneaky. Runs were smooth, fairly priced, well explained if I had to do something other than AFK.

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