Feedback thread - new look Legacy

  • Hello everybody,

    Yesterday, we went live with a renewed theme called "The Legend of the Assassin", which is reminiscent of our older look before we switched to this software.

    This is the biggest change so far in terms of the visual style of Guild Wars Legacy, including making Legacy use more width on your screen.

    Due to these changes, I'd like to ask you all some feedback about the new theme and if there are any possibilities to improve it even further.

    Kind regards,

    - Kevin

    Hi there! I'm the Guild Wars Legacy admin, feel free to contact me if you've got issues.

    :ass: Inquisitor Karinda :der: Sunspear Elke :mes:Librarian Amber

  • The width on the new theme is much better. There is so much empy space on the other themes compared to this one.

    Text size seems bigger as well.

    I have a QHD monitor and UWQHD and the width of the new theme fits the size of my ultrawide monitor really good.

    also change the icon for the browser that is in the tabs to have more pixels in it. I can barely see it says GW and something thats red below.