Green Farming

  • I’ve posted on some of the Facebook groups before as well. I enjoy farming greens and for the right price will try to farm just about anything for you. However, I will generally shy away from greens that drop from dungeon chests, elite areas, or require significant time investment just to trigger the boss to spawn. For example, many Sorrow’s Furnace bosses spawn upon entry and I will farm their greens. Others require quests to be done just for them to spawn and unless someone was really paying for that time are probably not worth trying to farm. Jormungand’s Thunder farming can be hours of work just to have him spawn one time.

    In short, repeatable bosses near outposts or portals I’ll farm for 8-10e. Difficult to access bosses I’ll farm for around 20e or so. I’ve farmed SF greens for 50e before and would be open to discussion on them.

    Greens I’ve farmed for people before:

    Tanzit’s Defender

    Sseer’s Wish

    Hanaku’s Focus


    Kemil’s Scepter


    Bearer’s Longbow

    Emeju’s Longbow

    Bolten’s Recurve Bow

    Claws of the Broodmother

    Daggers or Xuekao

    Kalwameh’s Focus

    Kaykitt’s Focus

    Neoli’s Contagion

    Rusk’s Focus

    The Lifedrinker

    Kaswa’s Gluttony

    Eshekibeh’s Scythe

    Enadiz’s Defender

    Toshau’s Spear

    Tureksin’s Spear

    The Bloodburner

    Milthuran’s Staff

    The Thundermaw

    The Trickster

    Dunshek’s Purifier

    Terob’s Wand

    Message me here or in game: Morythe Bly