[Closed] PC on some chest drops

  • Hi

    Crenesword merch or 1-2-3e

    Crenesword 15^50 10-15e maybe if lucky

    Jeweled staff 5e or hero :(.

    Plague bow 10-15e

    Bladed get what you can, am sure some one will buy it dont merch

    Smiting staff merch imo 19% + impossible to sell these..

    Longbow celeste 5e max or merch :/

    Plague focus is nice but 19% but inspiration but q13.... I would hope for it to reach 5a-6a it will probably reach 3a max i think :(

    +5e bow 5e-10e, hard to sell

    Wooden buckler sold same one 3e with lot of difficulty.


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