Search syntax help plz

  • I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this under.

    Basically I'm looking for info about the proper syntax to perform searches with multiple keywords. Like how would someone search for "req 9 oni blade" and have results that only include req 9 oni blades?

    That isn't really what I want to search for, but, it's an ok example I think.

    Does search use boolean modifiers or something to signify 'and'? Is the search case sensitive?

    Any help would be appreciated. :)

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  • This is all experimentation; I haven't seen the code or a how-to guide on how the myBB forum search works.

    -It's not case sensitive. Searching for 'REQ 9 ONI BLADE' (without the quotes) returns the same results as 'req 9 oni blade' (also without the quotes).

    -Using quotes binds two words together - searching for "oni blade" (with the quotes) returns only threads containing those words in that order. Searching without the quotes returns threads containing either 'oni' or 'blade'.

    -If you wanted to find req 9 oni blades your best bet would probably be to just search for "oni blade" (with quotes) and then just manually sort through the results to find the req 9 ones. If you put in "req 9 oni blade" (with quotes) it won't return a thread if a user has written "r9 oni blade" because it doesn't match exactly. Attempting a search more specific than "oni blade" would most likely either leave out wanted threads and/or include some that don't contain oni blades at all. To be absolutely certain you don't miss any oni blades you'd probably be better off searching just for "oni", though the forum won't let you search if the search terms contain fewer than four characters.