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    Support is swamped at the moment for a few reasons. Unfortunately, this means it'll take at least 2-3 weeks before you can expect a response. The wiki indicates that error 45 means either you've violated the EULA somehow and that your account has been banned, or that your account is suspected to have been accessed by hackers. As such, you'd need to sort things out with support even if you were able to remember your login details. Only thing you can do now is wait.

    Level 17-21 enemies are the only ones to drop max r8 shields (or so I'm told). Max for a shield is 16AL, which that is not. As you've seen, higher level enemies can drop items below req 9, just not good ones.

    Expanding across rather than down would have been done by necessity. The reason equipment packs don't appear in the F9 menu is because they would make it too big to fit on the screen if you're running on the minimum resolution. Expanding the pouch+bags could cause the same problem. I suspect they would prefer to keep the inventory to five rows across, and thankfully it seems they'll be allowing us to shape it that way.

    I've seen other users delete their own posts so it's definitely something that's enabled. I would expect it to be done via clicking the Edit button on a post. Maybe you can only delete posts in a thread that's yours. Try one in this thread. It's hard to tell for me because I'm not sure which options everyone has and which I have because I'm a moderator. I need to make a test account again. Won't have a chance to do that until tomorrow though.

    The profile visitor feature shows you who has looked at that profile. So if I visit your profile ( while logged in it'll list me and the timestamp in the visitors section. It's not something you do manually, nor is it something you necessarily need to do anything with. It's just for personal interest, really.

    I'm not sure why it's not tracking your activity. Maybe you weren't logged in at the time, or your account is somehow set to not appear on such trackers (invisible status?). Maybe you just need to refresh the page, though that's not the case with me. Try visiting my profile and I'll check if it comes up for me.

    I'm still disappointed that the elite templar armor that they added retrospectively was a new set rather than that of Warmaster Grast (and a couple others). The latter looks so much better, and it's undeniably based on the standard templar set (or the other way around).

    Also more armor sets generally for the expansion professions. Something that's stylistically different would be good.

    Afaik Morostav Trail works out best for faction, and should work out to almost 1k faction per minute. Super efficient teams are capable of getting sub 25min times. A quick search of the Guru farming forum brought up a map and some builds, though I would think you'd do better with a dagger build + mesmer based hero setup than a bunch of discord spammers.

    Reputation is largely irrelevant here. Luxon armor (assuming you mean the standard set rather than the elite one) only requires getting access to Cavalon. You can do that as soon as you complete Boreas Seabed. You'll need to have more current/unspent luxon faction than kurzick faction so that the crafter will let you craft, but that's it. The quest which requires you to obtain 10k luxon faction (Befriending the Luxons) gets you into Gyala Hatchery, which is not something you need to do (unless you did want the elite set).

    Aside from that, I can't really say much else. Skipping gates and whatnot in Factions is not my area of expertise.

    I don't think a no post editing policy is warranted. Sometimes it's the quickest, cleanest, most efficient way of taking care of what needs to be done. Other times, as cosy mentioned, it is the only option. What's important is that the moderator is transparent in what has been done and why, they're not altering the intended message in any way, they're not hijacking the post with their own conversation, they're not doing it rather than something else which is clearly more appropriate, etc. So long as those boxes are being ticked, I don't see an issue.

    Personally I find it's something that should be done only very sparingly. As far as I've observed this tends to be the case. It happens mostly in Xunlai Market, but that's a special case due to the specific rules and such there.

    If you've got criticisms about either a specific post edit or the way a moderator uses them overall (or any kind of moderation issue, for that matter), you're certainly welcome to start a private conversation with them.

    A new thread for each challenge seems a good idea. With everything in one thread people may be discouraged from attempting older ones due to the perception that everyone has moved on. Also, there's plenty of scope for discussion afterwards (like here, with our talk about what it means for something to be overpowered) so not getting that tangled up with newer stuff will be important.

    As for whether these threads belong here or in the contest section, personally I'm inclined to keep them here. With the people participating it's clear the reward here is the challenge itself, not any financial gain. If people want to offer such things then by all means go ahead, but with the tasks being set and the discussion they're prompting I don't think they're out of place here.

    If someone wants to PM me to work through challenge proposals before submitting them they're welcome to.

    Have you tried getting into contact with the person running it? I suspect you'd have more luck with that than someone putting in who knows how many hours constructing a full GUI overhaul just for you. This seems to be the relevant thread, if that helps. Given he's changed the bag images to his name I doubt he would have made such a thing public, but if you can contact him he may share it.

    Alternatively, perhaps what you could do is find the closest GUI mod to what you want and then tweak it as needed. Depends on which elements you actually want.

    Why are you running Weaken Armor and Parasitic Bond on an AP bar? Why are you running Parasitic Bond at all? I'm also concerned about how much you're going to get out of MoP with a reduced team size. If you're in an area where the mobs are of a decent size and ball well it'll likely work well enough with just the assassin, but I'm not convinced on mainbarring it.

    Anyway, I think the best way to go about this is to start with a four person team and then figure out what's best to add. You could try cutting someone from a six person team too but they're typically already annoying hybrid setups so I don't think that'd work as well. Jeydra swore by SoS Rit + heals, SoGM Rit + Fall Back, and Minion Bomber + prots to go with an AP caller. Adding a mesmer to that is the obvious and almost certainly right thing to do. I'm sure many people would prefer two mesmers, dropping the SoGM Rit to accommodate.

    Skills which aren't op: honestly, most of them. Just because something is effective or frequently features in meta builds doesn't necessarily mean it's overpowered. Of that list, SY, Death Blossom, Splinter Weapon, Wandering Eye, and probably Cry of Frustration are the only ones that stand out as egregious. Probably EBSoH too, though physicals haven't received the love some casters have so that's fairer (especially so in the context of this challenge where physical heroes are generally bad). A lot of the Mesmer skills aren't really that bad; it's Fast Casting jacking them up that's the issue. Similarly, the issue with Shelter is Soul Twisting. People didn't typically run it before ST had it's functionality changed + spirits had their casting times cut. Minion Bombers seem ok to me, though if you want to push people away from them just banning Death Nova would be fine.

    Skills I'd ban: without having put too much thought into it, I don't like seeing Assassin's Promise used to spam PvE skills so either ban it or specify that you can bring it but not along with any PvE skills. Soul Twisting as mentioned. I'd prefer to not see Blood is Power either. Ether Renewal.

    I know you probably didn't put in a ton of thought when you said this, but I have a strong preference that cons of any kind not be allowed.

    Some thoughts:

    -Many of these skills aren't overpowered, at least not inherently, and you've not listed some which clearly are. I think a better approach to such a challenge would be broader/less specific restrictions, eg, no more than one mesmer (and no pretend mesmers), no PvE skills, no more than two binding rituals per bar, etc. Some skills you'd need to explicitly rule out such as Soul Twisting, but I suspect it would be better to keep that to a minimum.

    -I wouldn't really classify this as a challenge: it's largely just winding back to before the last few skill updates where game breakingly overpowered bars weren't the norm. Most things are as powerful as they used to be, eg Monk backlines, and are fully capable of completing the vast majority of content.

    -A challenge with a vague end point (make it effective) doesn't really inspire participation. A "can you achieve this" type thing works better - it has a definitive goal. It also gives people a means to compare results.

    I wouldn't recommend playing a profession just because someone told you it was ideal. That's dumb to begin with, but consider that if this is going to be your 'do everything' character you're going to be spending hundreds of hours playing them, so you'd better pick something you actually want to play. Spending that much time doing something you don't enjoy defeats the purpose of playing a game. Having an effective/optimal/whatever character doesn't count for anything if you're not motivated to play them.

    Personally I prefer professions with a lot of variety in playstyles. Not just a lot of builds, but types of builds - so a Rit could spirit spam, be a viable weapon user with Spirit's Strength, be a minion bomber, be a party support character in various ways, etc.