Green Hammers

  • Inspired by Coffee's persistence and kindness I have decided to dip my toe back into the world of completionist collecting. I'm not sure I have the funds or patience or gumption to pull this off but I'm curious what a little effort and the dusty bottoms of this community's vaults can yield.


    I'm looking for any and all green hammers.

    I already have some but don't let that stop you from pming me with information about what you have and what you might like in return for it.

    At some point I will post a list of the skins I need but for now I want to cast as wide a net as possible (besides, I'm at my son's soccer game right now so can't check).

    It's been many years since I actively tried to add to a collection. I feel like big fat George Foreman hefting himself back into the ring. Hoping for some fun and maybe some new connections along the way!



    UPDATE - Skins I'm looking for:

    The Ice Breaker...that's it!

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  • I have duplicate Xun Rao's Absolution and Churrta's Maul you can have.

    Honestly I'd prefer the room, I just hate merching greens.

    Who do I look for in game?

    Be Yourself ~ Everyone Else Is Already Taken!

  • Thank you Lady Lyn and Pyro Girl for helping me along...

    Not done yet - here's a list of what I still need:

    Baglorag's Maul

    Deldrimor Maul

    Droknar's Maul

    Gavel of the Nephilim

    Hodat's Maul

    The Ice Breaker

    Imperial Dragon Hammer

    Maul of the Heirophant

    Maul of the Kinslayer

    The Righteous Hand

    Victo's Maul

  • Bump

    Thanks to Max and Pyro Girl for their continued help.

    And to Kromp for finally forking over the Deldrimor Maul. What a guy.

    Just looking for an Ice Breaker now!