Some OS items (Q7 shield, Q8's, Q9's and dual mod OS shield)

  • Hi guys! Just got back in the game to finish my GWAMM title and I found those weapons on my characters :) I have no clue how much I can get for those with the totally different economy nowadays. Thanks in advance!


  • #1-#3 don't sell them for pm or fast money too easily unless you want to make some poacher happy :D

    #1 & #2 are really nice and each can get you big money - 10a/ea at least, esp broadsword is desired skin. #3 is a bit niche but q7 nails it - also dwarves has quite some lovers whereas singlemod nonmax is a bummer. I'd expect 50-300e.

    #4 is the rarer version not from nicholas - sells in the 15-25e range

    #5 merch

    #6 not best skin, not best req, but perf mods - should get you 30-70e with some time looking

    EDIT: And welcome back to gw :)

    I WTB all kinds of Tower Shields and Defenders. I do drop research - if you find anything remarkable or want to see the results - check the thread or send a pm!

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