PC on q7 OS Butterfly Sword

  • I would merch personally, because I am not in need of mods.. The q7 bit threw me off as i thought it was max damage so a prenerf and much rarer item, but with this damage its not even really cute as stated above.. it's pretty ugly due to the max dmg of q7 being nearly double this.
    It's like finding a AR 9 req 9 shield or something. It's only 1 more armor for hitting the req than not hitting it at all and it's 7 armor lower than just using any other max shield of said req. Makes them rather useless. Not tryin to sound hostile or rude btw sorry, but by explaining why this particular q7 with this dmg is not very helpful, it's hard to sound so chipper xD lol. gl on the next ^^


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  • Due to not being close to current day Q7 max (14-20), there isn't any value in this one.

    Sometimes you will find a buyer for a one off, but just in case you haven't seen this thread, this can be very helpful for seeing what the max dmg (post nerf/current day) per req per item.

    GW gear stat ranges - Discussion - Guild Wars Legacy

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