[Low Level] tips, titles, armors and more with min. XP (without third-party programs)

  • Hi,

    I'm listing here several tutorials and more to come on the subject of "Low LvL". i.e. getting various elements of the game, gaining the minimum amount of xp (and without getting LvL20 of course). As the title suggests, no third-party software will be mentioned. The aim is to do without it. The limit here is what can be caused by accident by a player (Gate Glitch Luxon/Istan, for example). Anything that is caused without accident by an element outside the game will be rejected (ID Dialogue for example). I'd list all quests, with links to the wiki, as well as mandatory xp gains. The aim is to have a directory of these items and visibility that's just as effective. If you see any errors, don't hesitate to send me a message. If you'd like to know about an item you need to obtain that isn't in these tutorials, don't hesitate to write to me after this topic or contact me by private message.

    If you want to know at any time the number of experience points required for each level, just type: xp, in the search bar of the official wiki.

    A. Run and explore:

    A1: Generals Tips & Tricks for no gain xp

    Rules for not gain xp

    The rules is simple in terms of xp gain, any enemy you meet within earshot or those who within earshot might kill them in your camp will give you XP when dead. Exceptions are made if:

    • You leave the area before he dies.
    • You move far enough away, so that he is no longer visible via the compass (name shaded).
    • You kill yourself. Death you only gain xp for completing any quests or global objectives (cooperative missions), but not from enemies.

    Do not use mercenaries (non-hero version) if possible. Heroes can, unlike mercenaries, be put out of action with: Avoid Combat. If you use a team of Heroes / Mercenaries Heroes in solo with your Low LvL, make sure that they are all on Avoid Combat. Do not equip skills with indirect damage effects to the spell, for example: Burning Speed. If a runner helps you, ask him to manage these skills too.

    Internet let go, i lag, damn event of.. So many unpleasant situations. Better safe than sorry. It's a plus if in some situations no equiped for rez skills or blocked them, at 1hp with a double vampire weapon switch, see a smart interface, with teleportation to guild hall available. The guild hall is your best chance to escape xp gain in extreme situations. Disconnections will leave your Low LvL in the zone, even alone it can gain xp during your "absence". This may be the case too if you close the [X] window. Note: if you are alone it will not ask for validation to leave the group at TP time for Guild Hall.

    Mercenary Hero

    Mercenaries heroes are a definite advantage. They are lvl20 whatever your level, unlike the heroes of GW campaigns. You can follow the steps: A6: Travel to Great Temple of Balthazar with new character created (0xp - no Pre caracters) in order to get them from the beginning in the GToB.

    Clear or not to clear the areas beforehand?

    Putting it into perspective, it's pretty easy to run around with a Low LvL, you can equip it with maximum armor, make up for the lack of HP with consumables, including for running speed. The only real flaw is the attribute points. Impossible to complete Shadow Form, etc. In summary, you can get rid of conditions and malefices, but sometimes you can't do anything. Especially with anything that has to do malefices with slowing down. The Ice Imp in Tyria are a good example. My advice, look at the wiki and the list of monsters in the area before running into it. At worst, clear the zone with another account / player friend. But in more than 90% of the zones you can run without clearing the zone first.

    There is one enemy, the worst one, the one that exists in all campaigns and that will be fatal for you in terms of XP gain: The Charmable animal. Yes, it is low level, it can turn red in less than 1 second and die under your amazed eyes. As a logical consequence, you should also avoid enemies who fight each other enemies too. They are the worst with the Charmable animal.

    A2: Travel in Cooperative Missions without xp

    What does this allow?

    The mission will not be validated in any way. For example, the Nahpui Quarters, will not validate the ascension once at the next outpost. I would also add that some NPCs will not give you the main quest after the Cooperative Mission. You will need to validate the Cooperative Mission (min.1000xp) to have legitimate access to it.


    • 2 Guild Wars accounts or a friend who runs the Cooperative Mission for you.
    • 2 PCs that can run Guild Wars or 1 PC and a friend online (runner).
    • If you need 2 PC, 2 compatible mice (one for each PC) or keyboard simulating the mouse, example: Ducky.

    Technical principle:

    Many players thought they had to log out / disconnected at some point, in order to avoid Cooperative Mission xp. You were almost there. But in the principle of all Cooperative Missions, the xp is earned at the same time as the end cinematic is started. If you log out before and log back in during the cinematic, the game puts you on hold and then rejects you to bring you back to the last known outpost, the one of the cooperative mission. If you log out after the end cinematic has started, it's too late and you have earned the experience associated with your success rate in the cooperative mission. On the official wiki page / Cinematic you can see 4 reported bugs..


    On a computer with a slow connection it is possible to connect during the cinematic and be able to walk around while the other party members are still viewing it

    The state of a download, before your character appears for the first time in the zone, allows to avoid xp. This is not the case with the disconnection after your character has arrived in the zone.

    Ok, that's all well and good, but how do i manage to land at the right time, according to the Cooperative Mission, when the ending cinematic has already started, but it hasn't finished yet? You could reinstall the game and not use -images, in order to prolong the download. But it is unlikely that you will be able to finish the download in sync with the end cinematic. Slow down the internet connection or that of the software concerned, but this is not done without the help of third-party software or the OS. Isn't there an easier and cleaner solution?

    You may not know it, but during download when Guild Wars is in window mode, if you right click on the upper ribbon of the window, in order to make the corresponding drop-down menu appear and leave your mouse cursor as it is with the window in the foreground. Miracle the download stops! To unlock it left click somewhere else than in the drop down menu that appeared.

    Note: The cooperative missions where you are alone and Chahbek Village, does not work. For Chahbek Village the reason is simple, just as pointed out with some main quests following the cooperative missions, you must complete at least Chahbek Village, in order to unlock Kamadan (normal way). However, when you finish the Cooperative Mission, it sends you to a zone and not an outpost. Since this is considered to be part of Kamadan, the game will reject you and take you back to Chahbek Village. You can have the proof simply. Once Chahbek Village is finished with a minimum completion, you are in the area next to Kamadan. If you look at the map (key M) at this time, you can see that Kamadan is already available. The guarded door to get there is useless in the end.

    Young Heroes of Tyria

    Remember that the Cooperative Missions in this book do not give xp gain for players who are not respectively native of the campaign concerned.

    A3: Explore Cooperative Missions without xp

    The cooperative missions of Tyria are unique. They must be mapped while you are doing the cooperative mission. Tyria cooperative missions areas are not considered explorable areas, unlike Factions and Nightfall.

    You can use the technique: A2: Travel in Cooperative Missions without xp. But instead of arriving during the end cinematic of a cooperative mission, wait until the group (runner) have left the Cooperative Mission. You will then be alone to explore the Cooperative Mission. To avoid some problems in this case you can also use the /resign command with the runner, before the end kinematics are triggered. This allows:

    • That the heroes and mercenaries, without master, not return to you, uncontrollable.
    • Mission objectives will be impossible to complete and will not result in death in case of failure (as an example: countdown timer).

    You will also be able to discover by the same occasion some "elements" left at random after the end cinematic in the way of the backstage of a theater if the runner leaves after the end cinematic has finished and before the low lvl has finished its download. This effect of abandoning countdowns, not being able to finish objectives and not triggering certain events is similar to the following situations:

    • /resign by the first player in the group to complete the download to access the instanced zone, before another player in the group has completed the download to access the instanced zone. (You won't be able to trigger the final objective of an instanced zone: end cinematic in a coop mission, appearance of the end chest in a dungeon, finishing a zone as the winner).
    • One player download the instanced zone, while all other players travel to a specific region of the instanced zone, to avoid triggering certain events. This is identical to the effect in Urgoz, where a player waits to cross the bridge, so that the whole group isn't in the next region after the bridge, triggering the pop of enemies. Also used for records in the DOA.



    A4: Gate Glitch & Portal Jumping (old bugs)

    Gate Glitch:

    Principle: Some portals (doors) that animate and open vertically in the center, have a Hit Box that causes holes (pixels) when closed. Considering the door as a possible passage. If you are "Body blocked" against one of these portals (doors) the game can throw you against the active teleportation portal that it "protects". This works mainly with Luxon portals (doors) and also some places in Kaineng and Istan. This means that between the quest to get to Factions: Welcome to Cantha and the cooperative mission: Boreas Seabed, there is only one step. A picture is worth a thousand words, you can find videos on the internet easily on this subject.

    Portal jumping

    The first popular version of this discovery by the community was Eredon Terrace. Who among you, with the title of legendary cartographer, has not used this one? It is possible to go through teleportation portals without activating teleportation. In order to get a few % for the cartographer title. The SaO version is the most universal.

    A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Tyria / Lion's Arch (750xp) Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp) Elona / Kamadan (0xp).

    Note: the best choice for exploration titles remains Tyria. Elona is still a good choice if you stay LvL 1 or without secondary profession. Cantha is the least interesting of the 3 campaigns.

    Native of Tyria (750xp)

    As soon as you arrive in Eden, do not follow the normal course of the story. Leave Ascalon without taking any quests. In front of you at the exit of Ascalon is an NPC of your profession with a main quest (the quest is called: [your profession] Test). Take this quest which allows you to get your first skills and which will unlock the possibility to get a secondary profession later on. This goal must be reached to leave Eden. Of course you don't kill enemies and someone will take care of killing them for you.

    The easiest way if you are not Mesmer is to choose Mesmer as your secondary profession. It's a little further to the northwest. Otherwise you can choose another quest to unlock the one you want. Lady Althea is almost within compass range of the NPC with the Test quest, in the northwest. Take the quest: A Mesmer's Burden. Someone will kill the bull for you. After completing the quest and choosing Mesmer as your secondary profession (or any other secondary profession of your choice) you can leave Eden.

    Your XP total should not exceed 750xp (500xp for the Test quest and 250xp to unlock a secondary profession). Talk to Sir Tydus in Ascalon to leave Eden. If (but very rare) an Arena PvP game should occur, quit the game and log back in. In any case you will have then the quest with some mercenaries. Send them on the enemies. With a little technique you will end up beating the Boss Charr and reach Ascalon. Then go to the capital of Tyria: Lion's Arch will not cost you any additional xp gain.

    Native of Cantha (25150xp)

    I'm not creating a list of the quests, they're different depending on your profession, but the total xp gain is the same for all professions. There are only 3 rewards you can avoid by following Shing Jea's Island main quests:

    1. To enter the Shing Jea Monastery at the start of the game, talk to Ludo. He will give you a quest to talk to the Headmaster about your profession (250xp). You can abandon this quest once in the Monastery, then talk to the Headmaster about your profession to get the next quest.
    2. The quest: A Formal Introduction (2000xp) which leads you to the cooperative mission: Minister Cho's Estate. You can abandon this quest instead of completing it.
    3. The quest: To Zen Daijun (2500xp) which leads you to the cooperative mission: Zen Daijun. You can abandon it instead of completing it.

    This will give you a total of 25150xp (lvl7) to leave the island of Shing Jea. After complete Zen Daijun, take the quest: A Master's Burden, from First Mate Xiang in Seitung Harbor. You'll arrive at Kaineng Docks from where you can reach Kaineng Center and travel by boat.

    Native of Elona (0xp)

    It is possible to get to Kamadan with 0xp thanks to the technique: Gate Glitch (see: A4: Gate Glitch & Portal Jumping (old bugs). Istan's portals (doors) have for the most part the same bug with Hit Box as Luxon portals.

    Summary: Once created your character and passed the cinematic, you arrive in front of Kormir. It is possible to go directly to the Guild Hall, in order to take other native Nightfall players with you (taxi, but he must not have validated the quest leading to the Chahbek Village). You could also take mercenaries from the Guild Hall. Do Gate Glitch on the door leading to Chahbek Village, then go to the position where the teleportation portal to Kamadan is. This portal is active, despite the distance. Once you cross it you will arrive in Kamadan Jewel of Istan.

    Note: You won't be able to complete the entire Nightfall campaign with this technique. You'll be stuck before the co-op mission: Jokanur Diggings. You must have completed Chahbek Village to access it. If you need Koss, you can find the first Nightfall quest: Take the Shortcut (Skip Tutorial) in Chahbek Village (outpost) from: First Spear Jahdugar (although the wiki doesn't mention it as such and Kormir alone is listed as the donor for this quest).

    A6: Travel to Great Temple of Balthazar with new character created (0xp - no Pre caracters)

    Codex Arena (outpost) has the same flaw as Consulate Docks, Vizunah Square (Local Quarter) or Urgoz's Warren & The Deep. You can access them without prerequisites, either by following someone who has the quest to access them or in the case of Urgoz's Warren, by being teleported from the Guild Hall by someone who is already there when you have never been there before.

    For Codex Arena it's the same principle you can get there with a taxi. As soon as you create your native PvE character from Cantha or Elona, you can access it. For the characters native of Tyria, you must first leave Eden, in order to have access to the Guild Hall. Note: for a new account, this will only work if your account has first unlocked the GToB. After unlocking the Codex arena, you can then be transported by the same character to access the Great Temple of Balthazar (Guild Hall -> GToB) . Talk to: Sebastian to unlock Mercenary Heroes.

    Note: If you didn't unlock a PvE outpost beforehand, you can get stuck in PvP permanently.

    • Native of Cantha: you can't come back to the tutorial area with a taxi, the area is reserved for a group of 1 character maximum.
    • Native of Elona: you can come back to the tutorial aera, by taking a taxi with a character in this area.


    B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)

    Note: You won't find here a complete tutorial on cartography in general. I estimate that motivated players will have already finished the Legendary Cartographer title at least once. I simply point out the mandatory xp gain calculation while remaining legitimate and without third-party programs. It is possible that in time the tutorial will become more complete, if i have time.

    Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer (0xp)

    Since there are no prerequisites to complete the campaign, other than being geographically located, this is the easiest mapping title of the 3 continents. Traveling through 2 cooperative missions, are the only major constraints in terms of xp gain. You must use the technique: A2: Travel in Cooperative Missions without xp in 2 places:

    Maj. (The Frost Gate & Dunes of Despair): These two locations have been known in the past to use a teleportation technique, in order to access specific locations and increase the exploration percentage for the title. Since the Maj of 21-02-2013 although in the text of skills the word teleportation still exists, these are now skills of Shadow Stepping. So you will not be able to use this technique today. For The Frost Gate you can't recreate it any other way. For Dunes of Despair you can run alone with consumables as soon as the door opens, while the rest of the group protects the Spectral Hero. Of course you have to leave the zone before the completion of an objective, otherwise you will gain xp.

    Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (2000xp)

    Cantha is between the Tyria and Nightfall systems. To access some places, only dialogues with NPCs will allow you to do so. But once in that place, for example a cooperative mission, you have legitimate access and can follow the scenario. Nevertheless, even if you travel through cooperative mission, without having completed it ( see: A2: Travel in Cooperative Missions without xp). The NPC in the next outpost, responsible for the next main quest, may not give you anything. For natives of Tyria and Nightfall the summary is simple, this means that there are 2 major constraints to explore Cantha for the main quests:

    Note: It is not possible to be running by another player with these quests. And even if you owned them with your Low LvL, you won't have access to the outpost. The reason is that the quests are only there to guide you geographically. Only the minimum achievement of the previous coop mission will give you access to the next coop mission. For example, if you had taken the quest: Closer to the Stars (on the past with "Togo multipass"..) to reach the Naphui Quarter, it wouldn't work. To unlock the Nahpui Quarter, only the minimum completion of the coop mission: Vizunah Square will count as validation. Closer to the stars only guides you to Nahpui Quarter, nothing more (see also: C3: Obisidian armor (22000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)).

    Other constraints depend on your ability to use the Gate Glitch technique (see: A4: Gate Glitch & Portal Jumping (old bugs)). Also to switch from Luxon side to Kurzick side. And to repeat the same exploration process as for the cooperative missions in Tyria when necessary (see: A3: Explore Cooperative Missions without xp). But none of them require an xp gain.

    Native of Cantha will have to follow the quests of Shing Jea Island, until they obtain Kaineng.

    Competitive Mission: It is not necessary to start a PvP game in order to get 100% of the exploration title. Visiting the outposts will suffice. But nothing prevents you from making it a challenge.

    Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (7000xp)

    Once the continent is unlocked, you can get 100%, without gaining xp. For natives of Tyria and Cantha the summary is simple:

    1. You will arrive at Sun Docks with the quest: Sunspears in Kryta or Sunspears in Cantha.
    2. Do not validate the quest with: Seamarshal Bendro, go to Kamadan and abandon the quest.
    3. Once you return to the Sun Docks, the next main quest: Battle Preparations will be available from Seamarshal Bendro, without having to return the previous quest: Sunspears in Kryta or Sunspears in Cantha. Note: The NPC has both quests in all situations. But he will choose to offer you the reward first and not the next quest. By abandoning the previous quest, he will then offer you what is still available, the next main quest.
    4. Complete the mission objectives: Battle Preparation, BUT, do not validate: Command Training (250xp) which is one of the mission objectives. Keep it, then once Battle Preparation is validated, abandon it.
    5. Also complete the following main quests: Securing Champion's Dawn, A land of Heroes and The Time is Nigh.
    6. The Time is Nigh will give you access to the cooperative mission: Consulate Docks and the continent of Elona.

    Our calculation in xp gain for the native of Tyria and Cantha for the access to the continent of Elona: Battle Preparation (1500xp) -> Securing Champion's Dawn (1500xp) -> A land of Heroes (2500xp) -> The Time is Nigh (1500xp). Total: 7000xp.

    Native of Nightfall (Elona) will have to follow the quests of Istan, until obtaining: The Time is Nigh.

    Hardcore?: The continent of Elona is the one of the 3 that will give you the least amount of free percentage to acquire 100% for the exploration title. You could even do the Challenge Mission: Remains of Sahlahja (i confirm that it is possible to open the doors without gaining xp). Use all the means necessary to get the last percentages. After Tyria and Cantha you will be sufficiently motivated and experienced for this.

    B2: Legendary Spearmarshal without HM (0xp - Dajkah Inlet required)

    According to the official Wiki, it is not possible to earn points for finishing this title without HM, except for quest rewards, which we want to avoid at all costs. But unlike EOTN, the challenge missions for Hero armor in Nightfall can give points for a title, even if those can only be obtained in HM. For the title of Sunpear without gain of xp, it is the challenge of Dajkah Inlet you will be useful. The enemies listed on the wiki page that give points for the title, are independent of the restrictions after reaching rank 8 of the title.

    But you also gain xp according to your progress... The command /resign is not to suggest here, it will cause this gain directly. Don't count on death either. A runner? You will have to leave the group (Guild Hall) then return to the Outpost, then regroup. These are very short runs and it's honestly very boring to do it this way. Alone with Hero / Mercenary Hero it's the best (Guild Hall -> Outpost, direct without confirmation dialog if you are alone in the group).

    Go north early, before the countdown begins. Save as much time as possible. Direct the Heroes to the first 2 groups before you get to the Corsair Guild Lord. Literally throw your heroes at them, if they don't get to the Corsair Guild Lord very quickly and kill him, long before others are killed in the process, then you don't have the right builds. Test your team according to your means (run/Fall Back, AoE/Panic, RoJ, etc) and optimize your time for this run. Once the Corsair Guild Lord is dead, go to the Guild Hall, then back, for a new run. (NOT /resign!). By run you will gain 50pts. You must earn a total of 42500pts, to finish: Legendary Spearmarshal. The week double points: Elona Support, the Corsair Guild lord will give you 100pts! A run will take you less than 2 minutes.

    Note: You can reach rank 7 at 99%, to take an extreme example. Then go to a zone, take Bounty points from an NPC. As long as you don't leave the area you will continue to earn points after reaching rank 8, even without HM. It is this trick that can also allow you to earn the title of Deldrimor at max level at EOTN, without gaining xp once EOTN is unlocked, see: B3: Legendary Delver without HM (0xp - EOTN required).

    B3: Legendary Delver without HM (0xp - EOTN required)

    B4: Protector of Tyria (38000xp - native of Cantha or Elona required)

    Native Cantha and Elona characters won't earn xp for named coop missions in Young Heroes of Tyria. This subtracts 14,000xp for the title. This leaves 85,000xp for the title. In this calculation, Augury Rock accounts for 51,000xp. The wiki gives details of the 50,000xp for this cooperative mission:


    Only for first time character ascension.

    If you do your ascension in Factions (2000xp, see: C3: Obisidian armor (22000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)) or Nightfall (of course out of the question via Nightfall given the xp you'll earn to obtain it) you won't earn more than 1000xp instead of the 50000xp. This gives us a calculation for obtaining the title:

    • If first ascent of Augury Rock: 99000xp.
    • Subtractions: Young Heoes of Tyria -14000xp.
    • Ascension of Factions: +2000xp -49000xp (51000xp Augury Rock = 50000xp for bonus with first ascension or 1000xp + 1000xp min. req.) = -47000xp.
    • 99000xp -61000xp (Total subtractions) = 38000xp = LvL9.

    B5: Legendary Skill Hunter (2000xp - access to Cantha ascension required)

    Legendary Skill Hunter is not hard to calculate. All you have to do is make an ascent to change your secondary profession. Cantha's ascension (2000xp) is enough (see: C3: Obisidian armor (22000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)) . You can subtract it if you forge Obisidian armor with your Low LvL or you do Protector of Tyria.

    C. Armors:

    C1: Elite armors of Factions (0-2000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)

    Elite Luxon (0xp)

    By using the Gate Glitch (see: A4: Gate Glitch & Portal Jumping (old bugs)) and Travel in Cooperative missions without XP it is easy to get this armor at LvL1. You just need to not pass any objectives in Gyala Hatchery, unlike the method: B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required) -> Canthan Grandmaster Carthographer (2000xp). You will then be with 0xp at the outpost: Leviathan Pits and will be able to access this armor via the NPC: Mikolas.

    Summary: Kaineng -> Maatu Keep -> Boreas Seabed -> Zos Shivros Channel -> Breaker Hollow -> Gyala Hatchery -> Leviathan Pits.

    Elite Kurzick (1000xp)

    You will have to switch from the Luxon side to the Kurzick side in order to get this armor. Unlike the Luxon Elite, you will need to unlock the main quest after Gyala Hatchery (Journey to the Whirlpool) to gain access to: Unwaking Waters (Luxon) (see: A4: Gate Glitch & Portal Jumping (old bugs) and B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required) -> Canthan Grandmaster Carthographer (2000xp)) for more infos. You will then need to use: Gate Glitch on the portal separating the factions in the north in Unwaking Waters (explorable area). The teleportation portal is in this case slightly further west than the portal shown graphically. It is invisible. Once you have crossed the portal (gate) with Gate Glitch, sniff the terrain from the portal (gate) going west. Then a bug will occur. You will be visually at: Harvest Temple, but the map (M), will show you: Unwaking Waters (Kurzick). It's done, you have unlocked the outpost. Now it is easy to access the whole Kurzick area. Go to: Vasburg Armory, talk to: Giygas to get the armor.

    Summary: Kaineng -> Maatu Keep -> Boreas Seabed -> Zos Shivros Channel -> Breaker Hollow -> Gyala Hatchery (1000xp) -> Leviathan Pits -> Unwaking Waters (Luxon) -> Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) -> Vasburg Armory.

    Elite Canthan (2000xp)

    You must get to Divine Path by following the tutorial: B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required) -> Canthan Grandmaster Carthographer (2000xp). Once at the last Cooperative Mission: Imperial Sanctum, practice: A2: Travel in Cooperative Missions without xp, in order to get to Divine Path and talk to: Koumei to acquire the armor.

    Summary: Kaineng -> Maatu Keep -> Boreas Seabed -> Zos Shivros Channel -> Breaker Hollow -> Gyala Hatchery (1000xp) -> Leviathan Pits -> Unwaking Waters (Luxon) (1000xp) -> Harvest Temple -> Raisu Palace -> Imperial Sanctrum -> Divine Path.

    C2: Vabbian armor (7000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)

    Follow the steps: B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required) -> Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (7000xp). This will give you access to the continent of Elona. To reach Vabbi, you will have to go through The Desolation and The Sulfurous Wastes. Then through the cave: Basalt Grotto. Once in The Kodash Bazaar, talk to: Mateneh to get the armor. Many videos exist to run The Sulfurous Wastes and IG players too.

    Summary: Yohlon Haven -> Gate of Desolation -> Remains of Sahlahja -> Basalt Grotto -> Jenur's Horde -> The Kodash Bazar.

    C3: Obisidian armor (22000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)

    Before Cantha

    Native of Tyria: You must follow the steps: A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Tyria / Lion's Arch (750xp) Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp) Elona / Kamadan (0xp) -> Native of Tyria (750xp). Then at Lion's Arch take the quest: Mhenlo's Request give by: Firstwatch Sergio. This one will lead you to Cantha. Do not validate the quest once in Bejunkan Pier. Go directly to Kaineng, abandon the quest then return to Bejunkan Pier, talk to: Dockhand Quangnai to take the quest: Welcome to Cantha. Note: The NPC has both quests in all situations. But he will choose to offer you the reward first and not the next quest. By abandoning the previous quest, he will then offer you what is still available, the next main quest.

    Natif of Cantha: You must follow the following steps: A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel) -> Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp) and find runner for: Vizunah Square (Local Quarter).

    Natif of Elona: You must follow the following steps: A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Tyria / Lion's Arch (750xp) Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp) Elona / Kamadan (0xp) -> Native of Elona (0xp). Take a taxi to Consulate Docks (one player with the quest: The Time is Nigh). Then another taxi to Cantha (one player with the quest: Plague in Cantha). Take the quest: Welcome to Cantha give by: Dockman Quangnai in Bejunkan Pier.

    Ascension of Cantha

    Follow the steps of the quest: Welcome to Cantha, go to the outpost: Vizunah Square. Do not validate the quest: Welcome to Cantha abandon this one. As explained in the process: B1: Legendary Carthographer (9000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required) -> Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (2000xp) you must complete the minimum bonus of the Cooperative Mission: Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter). Without this you will not be able to reach Naphui Quarter in order to validate your Ascension and have the right of access to The Fissure of Woe.

    After Vizunah, follow one player with the quest: Closer to the Stars. You do nothing else but follow him, until you reach the outpost: Naphui Quarter. Complete the Cooperative Mission: Naphui Quarter with the required minimum (1000xp) in order to validate your Ascension and have the right to access to: The Fissure of Woe.

    Summary: Welcome to Cantha -> Vizunah Square (Foreign Quarter) (1000xp) -> Naphui Quarter (1000xp) -> The Fissure of Woe.

    Fissure of Woe

    To get access to Obsidian Armor from the Eternal Forgemaster, you need to complete 2 quests beforehand: Defend the Temple of War and Restore the Temple of War.

    Each of these quests will give you 10.000xp for reward, for a total of 20.000xp. Whether you are a native of Tyria (22.750xp) or Elona (22.000xp) you will not reach a total of 26.600xp and will not reach LvL8. You can get this armor at LvL7.

    C4: Chaos Gloves (0xp - EOTN required)

    Once you have access to EOTN, you can get the Chaos Gloves without gaining xp. Go to the outpost: Eye of the North and accompany a player with the quest: Destruction's Depths in order to get access to the outpost: Central Transfer Chamber, where is located: Gobrech Stonefoot in order to forge the Chaos Gloves.

    It is specified on the Wiki page that during the Destruction's Depths quest if a player of the group has not validated Heart of the Shiverpeaks (quest) he will not receive any rewards. This is very convenient for us.

    You will have to reach rank 5 of the Deldrimor title, in order to have access to the Chaos Gloves. Secret Lair of the Snowmen is the typical place where you can do it without gaining xp. Find a player who has validated the Deeprunner's Map quest and has access to the following Lost Treasure of King Hundar quest given by Koris Deeprunner at the Umbral Grotto outpost. Talk to the Beacon of Droknar to earn points for the title of Deldrimor. In a few hours you will have reached rank 5.

    C5: Blindfold (0xp - EOTN required)

    Although simple to obtain, it is, along with the Gloves of Chaos, what players will be looking for most in EOTN, especially with Low LvL. All you need to do is find a runner who can take you to Doomlore Shrine. Talk to Gron Fierceclaw [merchant] and take the quest: Temple of the Damned. Dextarr Dirtdigger, the pnj who will give you Blindfold, is at the beginning of the dungeon, right where you enter the zone.

    Note: I'm not sure about the runner. To be on the safe side, take a runner who has finished the EOTN campaign. Also abandon any quest that might influence the EOTN charrs zones. Otherwise, the portal to Doomlore Shrine may be closed.

    C6: Crown (0xp - EOTN required)

    The Norn Fighting Tournament does not give xp. Neither do the quests (RoundX: Fight!) and you don't kill any enemies during the tournament. You can then obtain: Bison Championship Token to unlock: Crown, from Hagwin Ironskull at Gunnar's Hold.

    Note: At the same time, you can also unlock the tournament's available heroes: Xandra and Kahmu. As well as The Bison Cup and 3 Norn Skills (A Touch of Guile, "Dodge This!" and "Finish Him!")

    D. Fun & other:

    D1: Chalice of Corruption effect (6000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)

    The effect of the Chalice of Corruption is quite amusing, especially on a character who remains AFK in outposts most of the time. The quest series will cost you 6000xp, in order:

    You can then choose between: Refuse to Drink or Drink from the Chalice of Corruption. Choose: Drink from the Chalice of Corruption, which will cause the poison effect in Outpost, as long as the quest is active on your character. Abandon it if you no longer desire this effect.

    D2: Polymock (0xp - EOTN required)

    The polymock doesn't give xp for the first 6 quests. Then, you'll need to validate the quest: The Dawn of Rebellion (2000xp) to access the quest: Polymock: Defeat Dune Teardrinker.

    You can also unlock asura summoning skills (Summon Naga Shaman, Summon Ruby Djinn and Summon Ice Imp) through quest rewards.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “[ Low Level ] Exploits and titles with min. XP (without 1/3 programs)” to “[ Low Level ] tips, titles, armors and more with min. XP (without 1/3 programs)”.
  • Up,

    I "finished" the section: General Tips & tricks and Legendary Cartographer (9000xp - native of Tyria required).

    When i say finished, they will most likely be touched up (especially some points on specific places for carto. But if i do it for one campaign, it should be done for all campaigns). First i want to finish the whole thing and then add some extra elements (screenshots, etc) but i don't have too much time now to play many hours. This is also the reason why the topic: Access to the respective capitals, does not contain: Native of Cantha (?xp). But it's not bad if you remember that i translate everything :D

    Next: finish Titles + Armors + editing: grammar, etc.

    Note: if you notice any errors, additional additions that could be interesting PM me!

  • Hi,

    I'm taking a break. Corrected many texts and finished all tutorials except 4 (in red):

    - Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Cantha / Kaineng (?) = i have to re-create a character for the calculation, not enough time.

    - Legendary Delver without HM (0xp - EOTN required) = only tutorial i didn't practice until the end, not enough time. But the tutorial works.

    - Blindfold (0xp - EOTN required) = The last time i practiced it was in 2010, need to re-create a character i remember more exactly.

    - Fun - Minigame - AFK = it's really not the most important, but it's still fun.

    I'll edit the text, links, if i see any mistakes. Added images only in the section: Explore Cooperative Missions without xp. For now.

  • Hi thanks for take the time to write everything.

    I have a question, if someone "runner" do the requisites quest to get access to buy fow armor, you can buy the fow armor without take the quest?

    I think the 20k can be avoidable


    The access to the manufacture of Obsidian Armor is individual, each member of the group must validate the 2 quests (Restore the Temple of War and Defend the Temple of War). Without third party software it is not possible to avoid the rewards of these 2 quests.

    Update tutos: Corrections of some procedures (simplification) and clarification of information in some tutorials.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “[ Low Level ] tips, titles, armors and more with min. XP (without 1/3 programs)” to “[Low Level] tips, titles, armors and more with min. XP (without third-party programs)”.
  • Updated 05.01.2024:

    • Indexing added, including for "redirects" in tutorials.
    • Various error corrections. Clearer, more concise version.
    • Added some explanatory elements.

    Tutorials added:

    • A5: Access to Capitals (boat/travel): Cantha / Kaineng (25150xp)
    • B4: Protector of Tyria (38000xp - native of Cantha or Elona required)
    • B5: Legendary Skill Hunter (2000xp access to Capitals boat/travel required)
    • C5: Blindfold (0xp - EOTN required)
    • C6: Crown (0xp - EOTN required)
    • D1: Chalice of Corruption effect (6000xp - access to Capitals boat/travel required)
    • D2: Polymock (0xp - EOTN required)