Deldrimor rank max without HM [infinite war project]

  • Deldrimor rank max without HM [infinite war project]

    I did not have time to test the last double points week of EOTN, so i postpone my experiment to the next double week, not linked to an event (1 August 2022).

    Here are the principles established:

    - It is impossible by logging in with a PvE character who has reached level 8 of one of the 4 peoples' titles in EOTN, to finish the title without access to the HM. As an example, the Sunspears title, based on the same principle, can be finished with the points given during the NF hero armor challenges, without gaining experience (kill NPC, example, Dajkah Inlet, kill Corsairs Commander and Corsairs Guild lord). This is not possible in EOTN, either with the hero armor challenge, polymock, etc.

    - The main trick here is simple: Take a bonus shrine, reach level 8 and never leave the zone/instance in question. As long as you stay in the zone/instance, the points will keep increasing, even in normal mode (note: tested and approved). Then you have to find a place where the enemies pop infinitely, BUT, you have to be able to take the bonus shrine. This means that most of the ideas that will come to you at that moment will not work. EOTN (co-op) missions, for example, do not contain bonus shrine. Also some of these infinite re-pop don't give points, example: Zoldark the Unholy and those minions.

    - There are 2/3 ways to have an infinite re-pop of enemies while having a bonus shrine:

    1. Not test if it gives points (hence the 2/3) but too slow anyway: Murakai, Lady of the Night and her skill: Murakai's Call. It would have been easier before the maj, but now it's way too slow: Before the October 7th, 2009 update, it was possible to get Murakai to spawn infinite enemies with this skill.

    2. Bogroot: Nettle Spore, skill. This plant spore explodes, inflicting Poison and Disease conditions on nearby foes; also spreads seeds for new plants. But also much too slow.

    3. The only one, i named: Fendi Nin, that i know very well for having run the dungeon +100 times in 600/smite before nerf. The archers that re-pop give points every time (note: tested and approved), but not the souls of the latter, which re-pop with the boss's version of the soul.

    - Now it's all about calculations and optimization. Just don't touch the soul version of the boss, see those who accompany him (Damned Crewman) during the 30 second cycle. Then the archers and the flesh version of the boss can be killed endlessly. This gives in order of things:

    1. Reach level 7 just a few points before level 8 with our Low LvL.

    2. Wait for a double point week and start the run as soon as it starts.

    3. Kill about 8.000 Skeleton Archer, without disconnecting. Only one try.

    4. incidentally: have a heart attack if disconnected, while missing some points before the completion of the title...

    - Now you're thinking 8,000? You are crazy! :/ Yes. Let's get to the calculations and the strategy:

    1. Week double points + Dwarven Raider to the max (we don't count Kill bonuses, for the simple reason that beyond 250 enemies these bonuses will not be possible to obtain) = for a skeleton archer: 5 pts x2 = 10 pts.

    2. From 80.000 pts to 160.000 pts = 80.000 pts : 10pts = 8000 Skeleton Archer, during a double points week.

    3. The cycle of kills, between the flesh and soul version of Fendi Nin can be about 2 minutes: 30 secs for the soul version of Fendi Nin and about 1 minute, 1 minute and a half, for kill archers and the flesh version of Fendi Nin, say 2 minutes.

    4. 2 minutes = 6 Skeleton Archer = 60 pts. 80,000 pts: 60 pts = 1333,333... x 2 minutes = 2666, 6666... minutes = 44,444... hours. Possible i'll spill over to the next unduplicated week and end up on lower stats.

    HELP ME PLZ: Apart from the builds, which can be various and varied, i made a mistake on a simplification point during the "infinite war" fight. i don't need to heal the soul version of Fendi Nin, it's enough to have the heroes in avoid combat mode during the 30 seconds of the appearance of this one. That's my problem, i can't find how to do it normally, nor with TB++ to find out how to activate all my heroes in avoid combat mode. Manually it's unbearable. Then i thought that i could leave them non stop in combat avoidance mode, and activate their skills, while targeting with my secondary account (the runner) the appropriate targets. But to do that in GW, you have to assign a different key for each of these skills and the game doesn't take into account the shift key, etc. So i'd end up with a minimum of one key for each skill. So i would end up with at least 30 (6x5) preprogrammed keys on the keyboard, not counting the macros that will activate all the skills of the heroes, example: go hero all skills 1. So 8 extra keys, in total minimum 38 keys on the keyboard to use just for that.

    Any idea? I missed a step? All your suggestions are welcome (except negative thumbs ;P)

  • Off the top of my head, Illusion of Pain will result in a net gain of health if removed early enough. You can do this yourself with Drain Delusions.

    Edit: some more thoughts: Grenth's Balance can be used even if not in your favour. If you find enemies who can copy your skills (eg with Inspired Hex) you could send them some healing skills like Soul Leech. Tengu's Mimicry can copy any shout or chant you use. Some nature rituals (other than Predatory Season which you've mentioned) could be helpful. I have no idea whether these are viable without knowing what you're trying to achieve.


  • I should point out that the enemy i want to keep alive is a very specific enemy. And that the heal should not depend on him, on his skills, nor on any other aspect of the game, except the skills in PvE, equipped on my heroes, numbering 6 max + a player of any profession (the 8th of the group is a player far from the fight) or an object in the inventory. So in this context the enemy is not important, the heal does not depend on him.

    If i then tell you exactly what it is about, it would not be funny anymore if i succeed. i would like to keep the suspense alive. I would just say that this is so extreme that no one has ever even thought of making it a reality. Old school LDOA next to it is kindergarten.

    I note for: Illusion of Pain, but degeneration cannot be considered. It must be pure heal or regeneration, nothing else.

  • Enemy = kill asap

    Ally = keep him alive

    The enemy of my enemy is eminem?

    Thats why u want to keep him alive?


    Unconstructive and off topic, please respect the them of the thread.


    Ok whatever man, maybe u want to keep the fun by your self, goodluck!

    I prefer to check the settings first before opening it for nothing.

  • There are these skills: Heal aera or Karei's Healing Circle (skills clone) and Healing Ring. Edit: add, Predatory Season.

    Predatory Season maybe ? Ranger ritual.

    Allez un ptit café ORPTON ça ira mieux après ^^'

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  • Tell us what it is you are trying to accomplish and it would be easier to find ways to do what it is you are trying to do. If its so amazing you have to keep it a secret but turn around and have to ask for help to figure it out then is it truly something amazing you figured out?

  • Nothing extraordinary, i am not superman. Pure logic and Wiki.

    I would like to wait until after the double points week to post the way to get there. Only the connection can fail the run (that's why i took the LDOA example).

    After i have no worries with the possible help that you could bring me or not in this case, it is normal. This topic is also a reminder for myself.

    The ideal in the run, would be to be able to pass my heroes of avoiding the combat to combat with? TB++? I haven't checked if such an option still exists, but i don't think i've seen this.