Random arena build

  • hi

    I want to make an unstoppable warrior for random arena and hero ascent.

    I aim to max out all pvp titles.

    Can anyone improve on this?

    Axe rake, disruption chop, mending, rebirth, healing hands, mending touch, sprint, dismember.

    Healing 12, axe 12, strength 3

  • Pretty bad build overall,

    First you'd rather not take any heal and trust the healers on your team to do the job. You rly want to be focused on your main goal as a warrior which is pressure/damage, as you can see, your build doesnt deal much damage and it doesnt heal much neither.

    Also having enchant on you all the time makes it easy for mesmers which is one of the profession you'll encounter the most in RA to shatter enchant on you and deal much damage/get back some mana freely.

    Second, you realy want to deal alot of DPS so attackspeed is key as warrior, especially as axe warrior.

    Lastly rebirth is very bad because of it's very high casting time so it will be easy for ennemy team to KD/rupt you while rezing, here you'd want to get rez signet. (also mana will be an issue)

    Note that there are much more reasons why your build isn't ideal but I'll just keep it (kinda) short here so you get the basics

  • Check : PvX Wiki maybe add the tag guildwars and google it. There is tons of good builds.

    Overall I don't recommend u warrior at all and specially not axe war since it most likely will rely on the skill "Frenzy" Wich is not beginner friendly. It's a "hard to play hard to master" - role.

    I recommend u grenth derv. It heals more then ur build and deals more dmg then u would do with a axe warrior.

    So go grenth derv and get used to Frontline at all. Then maybe switch to hammer warrior as you proceeded on your Frontline skill.

    I also highly recommend you the GvG scrims where u can get thought the basics. But please be thick skinned since it seems your PvP exp seems to be far below average and some of these guys can get a little ruff at first but are all good guys! (with a few exceptions xD)


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  • This is a deadly combination that is sure to help max your titles

    I Will Avenge You

    Galrath Slash


    Defensive Stance

    Chain Lightning


    Ice Spikes


    You can drop Galrath Slash for Ressurection Signet if you find your noob teammates keep dying too fast.

  • I wouldnt recommand joining GvG scrims when you're basically new to the game since it will be a waste of time for everybody, just start with HA which is the most noob friendly pvp mode, then once you know a thing or two maybe try RA and then you could try gvg scrims if you enjoy playing with people with mental issues.

    Also how can you recommand anybody to play disgusting braindead grenth derv, you wont learn anything except learning how to spam spacebar and be a waste of oxygen.

    If your goal really is maxing all pvp titles (eventho you can't without syncing and all the players who have maxed all titles aren't good at the game), then I assume you'd want to get kinda good so the best way to start is getting alot of inputs : Start looking for youtube/twitch ressources on the roles you want to learn and try to understand as much as you can.

    There a hundreds of example of RA/GvG players who never took the time to properly learn the basics/get a lot of inputs and therefore are still trash at the game even after playing pvp for 10years.

    But ye just start your pvp titles journey with HA, have fun a little & try to get inputs along the way and you'll eventually get decent. GW pvp is really easy compared to other highly competitive games so don't be scared to start learning.