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  • So I used to have that big chart with all requirements, and their min-max damage/armor values for each req of each weapon type to check max damage for certain low req weapons. I can't find it now, so could anyone send me one or pinpoint me to a location where I can find it, or something similiar?

  • Hi there,
    Is this what you are looking for? I saved this picture from guru on 5/16/16 when I heard it was going to be closing. I still use it as a guide today. Maybe the Mods know where the last archived version is or if someone has an updated version.

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  • most of those charts are wrong

    I highly doubt that. Those charts were compiled over many years on guru by a guy called Red. He is a specialist on this, and did extensive research into it. If there's something wrong it's most likely a formatting issue. The originals may still be in the archives....

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  • The charts were work in progress and we were collecting data all the time and updating new stats when new ones did show up.

    It is possible some values are LOWER then ones that maybe could drop, and it could still use updating if someone dropped new ones with higher dmg/req combos.

    That was the whole point of the thread "To collect data" so everyone could reply on the thread if they found lower or higher dmg for some req. and still is, Red made new thread about it on discussion so IF u got item which that would be alternative from data in window please post it on new thread.. That old image from gurudays can be outdated so best way would be use the new chart on this forum.

    you can find the original thread By Luny, and the newer thread by Red on archive.

    and Above what cosy posted is the link to new thread on this forum.


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  • The one sent in by Chevy sure had 2 or 3 mistakes on it, because I remember correcting them myself on my version of the pic. I believe the errors were in the lowest spear and axe reqs and/or something in middle dagger reqs.