Quick question about os shields...

  • Hello guys, i am a bit confused as i just noticed that some shields got double inscription mods... How is that possible ? didn t really find a discussion about it with research

    Is that rare ? i see some os shields with -2^ench and armor +10 vs, how often do they drop and why that ?

    That seems so cool for pvp, i might try to find a -5^20 +10 vs piercing for those rangers kurzick side :evil:

    anyway, do they exist on low req ? q6 q7 q8 ? and may i also ask here how much they would be worth ? any good spot for low level os wep ?

    thanks for answering peeps ! and sorry for my english lvl

    edit : another question.. shield with double reduction mods exists and are prenerf right ? like - 2 while ench and -3 while hexed ect

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  • "Double inscription" on os shields isn't rare. There is no why, always been like that, then the inscription concept came with NF, but didn't affect proph/factions drops. Possible on low req too but much harder to come by, facrtions starter island afflicted might be a good spot to try and farm lower reqs. Worth is hard to say, will depend on skin/mods.

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  • so on os shields there is no restriction to the mods as tight as on insc ones. inscs always have the armor/dmg reduction/attri as inscr and the health as handle. hence the limited variety. in the very early days the -2wS mod was in a separate category which made shields like -2wS -3wH possible. dualreduction. the combo -2wE -3wh was never possible.

    the two mods on os items must not be treated like inscription, hence dual insription is a mix of worlds. on os items just two mods get picked that are not of same category (no two armor mods on one shield for example). the stats seem promising for PvP and certainly have their advantages, but you have to consider that inherent modifiers fall in the bonus armor category that has a cap, so if you hit the cap with a skill the inherent mod on your os shield is useless - unlike the same mod as insc would still add to base armor. so it is not a clear os is better for that context.

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  • I love this shield questions :)

    Let's calculate a bit here:

    In 10 incoming attacks an - 5/20 shield will trigger on average 2 times leading to an 10 dmg reduction. Also a Chance of triggering 0 but also a chance of triggering 4 times to only break even on a - 2 version so u need at least 5 procs on 10 Hits to get on the level of a - 2. Wich is more then TWICE then the avergage. This is pure risk. And PvP mode is all about reducing risks.

    An - 2 shield will get on 10 hits get an 20 dmg reduction. Safe. Allways. Plain and simple. No risk. Just reward.

    But at the end it's a gamble with the - 5/20 and the - 2 is ALLWAYS there for you.

    Guarennteed > gamble

    Because I can hear the haters allrdy "uuuuh 10 attacks is not enough to take evidence bruuuh"

    We can take a step further:

    Let's pretend a - 5/20 is better then a - 2: With that logic a - 5/20 shield+ demon for a DoA tanks (who take 100s attacks on a big ball) would be worth more then a - 2? Do sales prices follow that logic? No for a simple reason


    And now let's spice things up to the moon!

    Only "Advantage" of a - 5/20 is that it's uncond


    If u are playing GW on any higher form or level and don't use stances or Enchantments in your build then you should really consider to overthink everything you have done so far 😜

  • Very interesting :o thanks guys for all those informations very happy to learn new things about armors bonus/reduction and mods on shields !

    for what i will use it, i would say that the only logic come from situations in pvp, my main idea was to get a +10vs piercing -5^20 shield, only to rush/attack the parangon and warriors in Fort Aspenwood, or as def set when they focus me and i have to fall back, as i don t plan to have enchantement on me i was thinking about -5^20, but if i play derv or other class i would pick up -2^ench, would also love to get a +10vs piercing/-20% cripple reduce, there are always rangers or para focusing you at back lining, cripple is their main skills and very predictable, in fort aspenwood situations mainly luxon side you are oftenly with no monk or out of heal range and have main occasion to get bully by ranger and para as melee. Also good to line back and def your healer when they focus him

    What else would be good as set to switch ? +10 vs blunt -20% deep wound for hammer wars ? :p

    +10 vs elemental has no use to be coupled with a dmg reduction mod i guess, but might be cool with -20% blind for +10 vs air

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