CRIMWAY Warrior Challenge

  • So as Anet refuses to add new content we must make our own. Decided to embark on a nostalgia type challenge with my friend Suz to get some OG vibes (Warriors obviously picked). Didn't really intend to make a post about it but its continued for a while now and thought it worth sharing, maybe others will join or try something similar. CRIM stands for Core-Rainbow-Iron-man which roughly describes what we set out to do. An Ironman duo with the standard no trading, no storage ect but with the added restrictions of core skills only and play rainbow style hero's. We have been making rules up as they came up and just went with what seemed appropriate to try and balance "playing like Guild Wars is just Prophecies but in the other campaigns". General starting goal was to see how hard it would be and see what end game content we could do.

    General Ironman Rules we following:
    No storage / material Storage
    No Player to player trading (Apart from each other)
    No /bonus
    No mercenary heroes
    Can use all traders including from Guild hall
    Can do content in any order / start in any campaign
    All drops / rewards game wide allowed (Briefly considered gear only from proph but that seemed to be way to grindy to be fun)

    Core Restrictions:
    Core/Prophecies skills only on players and Hero (No Anniversary / PvE)
    No consumables or summons

    Rainbow Restrictions:
    Maximum 2 of each profession allowed in party.
    Hero Elite must be of their Primary Profession (We ignored this for missions where a derv or para is required)
    Builds must be majority comprised of skills of its primary profession. (2-3 skills from secondary profession is about the max we said was cool)
    No duplication of elites within party
    Generally play hack and slash with front, mid and backline setup where possible

    Story so far:
    Made matching warriors in Factions, level 20, max armor, did a few missions (currently at Dragons Throat)
    Made a start in EOTN and got a few hero (Suz did ALOT of farming here early on to get team gear)
    Finished FoW in NM which was our first plan of things to do once we had a team
    Dozens of failed attempts at FoW HM, can very carefully get to battlefield but the skele groups were to much at the time
    Completed NF, few wipes in missions but overall wasn't to bad and now have some improved gear


    This is the current general team composition although does get moved around a fair bit and has changed a fair bit from the early days.
    Minions get dropped for a UA healer in places. In low level areas BiP is replaced with FoC or with zhed nuker ect
    Think we been pretty thorough with making sure its only core skills, if anybody can find a mistake please say.

    Future plans:
    Finish campaigns
    Improve gear (mostly weapons)
    Get a hammer build option going for warriors
    Try some dungeons
    Have another go at FoW HM
    Find some solo / duo farms to do
    Maybe look at maxing some titles
    Generally play the game, complain how bad warrior is / how only core skills limits capabilities ;)

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters

  • Great idea !

  • Still enjoying playing this and made some good progress.
    Finished NF and EOTN, got some pink primeval
    Lots of gear upgrades for us and heros. Everything working much better than before.
    Few tweaks to builds but nothing major. Working towards some ranger builds for the upcoming urgoz / deep attempts so can run a 10 man party.
    Started a NM dungeon book (Screen from a finished Arachni's).

    IGN: Pyro Loves Lobsters