Best Professions for PvE 2024

  • Hi all,

    I have bought a new account to replay this game from my childhood and I don't remember a lot of stuff but my W/Mo with self healing...

    I was playing in 2006/2007 but I believe a lot of things changed after that and as I would like to create all my new characters now, I would like to know which profession I should avoid to create as I can create 8 of them, 2 will be missing...

    I will play only PvE I believe so any suggestions on which professions are the best? Or which are the worst ones?

    (If you could explain also why, it would help me choosing haha)



  • I would agree to skip paragon (although it can be very strong with the PvE only skill Heroic Refrain which allows your heroes to dominate hardcore) because the play style bores me (throw spears, cast shout, repeat). However, the monk is extremely versatile when used offensively, still plays a key role in many group setups, and solo 55 farming is as nostalgic as it gets. Personally, I find the Rit to be boring as hell because the most effective builds either involve spirits to do the work for you or raising minions (which is a Necro thing anyhow) or splinter weapon which a hero can use.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for your comments!

    Actually I was thinking doing a Paragon as I never played this class, at the time I had only Prophecies and Factions, but didn't play a lot in Factions anyway...

    On which campain should I create my characters? Is any of them better for starting quickly?

  • If you've never played Para, why wouldn't you try it out? As to which class to start with, that depends on what play style you like best.Four of the classes are dependent on the campaign they come from for originating, Rit and Sin in Factions, Derv and Para in Nightfall, the other classes can start in any of the campaigns.In terms of starting quickly, I'd say Nightfall gives you quickest access to heroes, I dont recall how fast Factions can get you hero access.

    You have enough slots to start one of each of the core classes and unfortunately would need to buy 2 more slots for all the classes.

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  • If you want to start quickly then definitely Faction (but you cannot choose derv/para as they are only available in nightfall) the downside is that also the difficulty is quickly increasing.

    Personally I would start slowly from prophecies...

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  • I would agree with the above statements that paragon and monk aren't very exciting for (solo-) PvE play, but in general above all else I would recommend to play whatever you want. Experiment, try out different classes and stick with what is the most fun for you and you should have a good experience.

    Factions gets you started the quickest imo, followed by Nightfall. In Nightfall you get heroes which is rather important, so from a pragmatic perspective I would recommend it first.

    Prophecies is the long epic Hero's Journey (with a prophecies character) which is a great experience in its own right, especially when you do not take shortcuts or go to the other campaigns in between.

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  • I've never understood the meaning of questions like that. Asking people instead of experimenting yourself. Every answer will be different and won't correspond to your own opinions. Unless you need influence (influencers/social networks?) to decide for you how to make your life choices.

    No answer will be right if you open a topic like: what's the best of the best of all time?

    Just let go and play the game - experience will shape your choices. There's no such thing as the best of the best. It's not a static, timeless element.

  • Thanks for your answers!

    Neutral_CH , well it's just that I believe the game changed a lot since I played 15+ years ago, my question was more to know which professions are played in end game content (like FoW or UW), as I believe with new professions and heroes, the team used to do this contents changed a lot.

    Also, if I'm not wrong each campain offers different skills, so I also want to be sure that if I play a profession, let's say Warrior, in Nightfall, I will receive the skills that are essentials for the late game.

    Regarding which campain to start from, I played at the time the prophecies, which is long to get to lvl 20 and it takes a lot of time also to finish it (my best time was 23h to beat Proph with my W and henchman). I don't remember Factions so much, but don't think I liked it...

  • best profession for endgame content is a different and less subjective question, it is probably assassin or dervish.

    I highly recommend peterkadar 's youtube channel, he goes over everything you could possibly ask about GW in great detail.

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  • Also, if I'm not wrong each campain offers different skills, so I also want to be sure that if I play a profession, let's say Warrior, in Nightfall, I will receive the skills that are essentials for the late game.

    Every character from other campaigns can travel and get the skills from other campaigns.

    Only the newer professions have fewer overall skills

    (derv/para only had nf and eotn add skills, sin/rit had factions, nf, and eotn add skills, core professions obviously have skills from every release)

    A NF warrior can go to proph, factions and eotn skill trainers, or use balth faction and tomes to unlock skills.

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  • Think of it this way: You can make rapid progress in the story with Dervish, which you can also use well in the endgame. Nightfall is one of the quickest campaigns to play through.
    If you've never played Paragon, I recommend it - also because of the fast-paced campaign.

    Factions was my first campaign. I appreciated the balance of tutorial / game mechanics and story back then. Good for a quick restart of the game. First Heroes in Kaineng.

    For a nostalgic introduction, I would choose Prophecies; in my opinion the most beautiful story. For a soft start, the class that was your favourite from back then would be a good choice.

    If you had favourite skills, you can read here if and how they have been changed.

    And there are new elite skills; for PvE only.

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