Introductions Thread!

  • I'm an old player of Guild Wars1, tried GW2 for a while, but can't log in there anymore on my old account.

    I played Guild Wars almost from the beginning and haven't stopped yet, so it's about 15 years now?

  • I've once again returned to playing Guild Wars, inspired by my best friend.

    He got Guild Wars in late 2005, a couple of months after I did and recently he got the inspiration to start a new prophecies character.

    I had a low level mesmer in Yak's Bend (one of the best soundtrack songs there is to listen to is there) and said "when you get there, I'll join you."

    We aren't playing like we did in 2005, with 12 hour days or anything silly. We're in our late twenties now. However, when we get the chance maybe every other day or so we do a mission or two of the prophecies storyline.

    It's been great.

    How long will it last this time? Who knows. It has been fun though.

  • Hello everyone ^^ I got gw faction I remember in 2007 for my bday and it was amazing so then I got all campaigns! I played until 2012, then I got gw2 but it didn't last long. Then I decided to quit everything. Now I want to play something again and I decided to play gw1 again :) tbh I don't know anything, also because as I said I quit all games for so long.... so maybe I will say something stupid or that you all already know, but I hope this game will have some more visibility and start again with some updates and stuff like that.

    See you ingame :D

  • Hey all!

    I'm getting back into GW1 and looked for a community to hang with and hopefully play with too. I'm in Australia, so GMT+10 but hopefully run into some of you online during weekends :). GW1 was my first MMO and I played it right up to GW2 launch. I enjoy GW2, but something's missing that this has. Probably nostalgia, but yeah ;D.

    I tried to join your Discord but the Discord tab is just a white window with no link to Discord or anything? How can I join that?

  • Hello!

    I've played gw1 since the release of Nightfall, and came back to the game a few months ago to try and get GWAMM, and to play with my guildies :D

    Mostly sticking to the Zaishen Quests as they come up, but having fun playing around with all content, especially with the new Ranger elite :D

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  • Hey :)

    Long time player here, I have started playing again with the whole lockdown thing because I needed a comfort game : p

    The game changed a lot since the last time I've played but lets have some fun in it I guess !

  • Hello everybody I'm new to this forum,I like GW 1 and played it a few years ago.I recently bought a new laptop to play GW1,I prefer GW 1 to WoW because of the easy things to do and is really fun to play.Iv been looking forward to getting GW 1 again and join a guild again and become an active player.I like exploring and I forgot all the internet chat. You know PVP and all that language .

  • Hello there. Name is/was Unlucky Slayer. Mainly just a figment of a long past reality.

    Played Guild Wars since around the beginning, and made my way to Super Mod on Guru before I left during the Curse deal. (Life took me down a different path anyway. )

    Not sure how much I'll be around, but its nice to look into the past.

  • Hey folks.

    New to the community, but not so much to Guild Wars. I usually play a prophecies warrior on eu server.

    Still haven't completed all the campaigns, but i most of the prophecies and some of the Eye of the North, but haven't gotten into Factions or Nightfall yet.

    And so there's still content that i never got into or missed it. I've been getting back to it though, since i first got my Guild Wars Special Edition many years after

    learning about GW from a friend. Later, we got Eye of the North expansion and played it for sometime. Kinda got distracted and/or lost inspiration to play.

    This my second return to the game since first getting into the game. I made a new warrior and trying to get the LDoA title and some wealth before the searing.

    Cheers! :cool:

  • Hello peeps,

    I started playing GW more nearly 14 1/2 years ago, following one of my irl friend's call.

    No regrets. Met great people, had some hilarious moments, few long tryharding nights.

    New to the community, I came back into the game after chatting with a random on a Twitch chat. Dude was in my former guild where some of my old guildmates were still playing. Decided to reinstall the game to verify that but those informations were outdated since few weeks only.

    There's an expression that says "Never go back with an ex". Well I did with GW, and I lost my soul once again :S

    I finally found some old guildmates, some IRL friends that were still active and joined a very nice and active guild.

    C ya all IG ! :cookie:

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  • Hi there.

    Used to play this game a lot with a couple of RL friends around the time Nightfall was launched, then came EotN and we stopped playing around the time of War on Kryta.

    Now i've returned to build up my incomplete Hall of Monuments, but i'm struggling to make money, with current prices that obsidian armor is going to take forever!

    See you in game!

  • Hi,

    I started playing GW around launch and played every night with the same group (from The Older Gamers) for about 5 years. I haven't played for 4 years though and was hoping they would have ported it to consoles, PS4 in particular. But that isn't going to happen so hoping to dust off the PC and get back into it..

    It still looks and plays great, but I have a lot to relearn :-)