Favorite Show?

  • What is your favorite show? Or shows or what you enjoy watching.

    Mine are sci-fi mostly. Like Firefly, Star Trek series, Babylon 5, The Orville, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Star wars animated series.

    Other favorites are Forever, Almost Human, Batman series, Looney tunes, and Shawn the sheep.

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  • Outside of weekend movie binges, I only watch about an hour of TV a day. I'm a big fan of ID Discovery - crime documentaries are pretty much my thing.

    The last fictional TV show I followed regularly was The Walking Dead, but they lost me a couple seasons ago.

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  • used to have a bunch of shows I kept up on: House (ended) Bones (ended) NCIS (think it will be over soon too), still watch some of the cooking programs and Vikings (when it is on). Mom and I catch big bang after the season is over (about the time I remember it had new episodes). Not much good out there any more to watch. My cable even did away with the ONLY weather station (that showed weather 24 hours a day--weather channel BARELY shows ANY weather any more!--not even on the 8's).

    Been catching up (when I am home/awake) on Quincy and I watch stargate sg1 or atlantis while I eat lunch.

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  • The major metropolitan area networks like ABC, CBS and NBC never fail to disappoint by cancelling every show I've ever liked. I tend to stick with the Cable Channels, The History Channel & PBS.

    I Love Outlander, followed by Vikings and Victoria on Masterpiece. Every so often,

    I do try to watch is Madam Secretary on CBS, but it's always off schedule due to sports. :cursing:

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  • Criminal Minds. I like Matthew Gray Gubler's role as Dr. Spencer Reed, since he has an eidetic memory, too.

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  • Lucifer, Expedition Unknown, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Naked & Afraid, The Grand Tour, Gold Rush, Outlander, Bull, and of course Game of Thrones are but a few...

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