Diminishing Returns on Farming Items

  • Hello,

    I've recently been farming Nolani Academy in HM for OS melee weapons and shields. I've noticed that not as many golds have been dropping for me in the past few days. Are there diminishing returns for farming a specific area or am I just on a dry streak?

    Also, is there a better place to farm OS weapons and shields?

    Thank you!

  • Well farming depends on luck alot i guess, but definetly farming with favor you get alot more gold drops.

    Ive personally farmed tons Nolani, both mission and explorable and i think atleaast with favor its quite good spot giving 1-4 golds/run normally, without favor its that 0-1 golds tho :P

    and well it rly depends what ur after, if u want core skins and the rare skins droppin nolani there isnt rly better place :P

    It rly depends what skins etc ur after where u should farm xd

  • thanks for the answer! I didn't know favor affected drops, I thought it just gave you free FoW/UW. I'll be sure to look for this!

    And yes, I'm looking for the skins that are dropped there, so I'll just stick to doing what I'm doing!

    Thank you! :S

  • When Farming foes for golds, Favor will make an impact on gold drops. There are non-believers out there as I have had these discussions but I can share a few things in regards to the topic.

    I am not one to say just cause it's on the internet, it must be true, but to start with the following statement on Wiki:

    While the world has favor of the gods, statues to the gods are animated and the drop rate of rare items increases.

    Outside of this, I do a lot of drop tracking (mostly chest runs but did an experiment as it relates to this topic). I did a 100 runs at the same location, same char, setup, etc, of course I had more Non-Favor runs than Favor just due to which is more common but this was the results, keep in mind this is an extremely small sample, statistically speaking, thousands of runs would need to be tracked for a more accurate result but this is a start:

    Runs Golds Total
    Favor 37 136
    Not Favor 63 101
    Total 100 237

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  • Favour of the gods hasn't been required for UW/FOW access for almost 6 years now.

    I know, but when the world has it you don't have to pay the 1 plat.

    Awesome, thanks for the info! I'll keep it in mind as I grind this out :cookie::)?(:huh:<X